Class of 2013-2014

Class of 2013-2014

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Kelcie Vilain


Kelcie graduated from UC Davis in June of 2011 with a BS in Clinical Nutrition. Her experiences include being a dietetic assistant at a long term care facility, a research assistant for a nutrition project focused on the glycemic index of diets in relation to weight loss, being a server, shift lead, and trainer at a busy restaurant, as well as experience in the community setting at a local food bank. Her references describe her as “mature and thoughtful”, “strong organizational and time management skills”, “integrates into new settings easily, and learns quickly”, “her ability to write and speak Spanish is a strength”, “pays attention to detail, performs work with confidence and accuracy”, “able to interact with diverse groups of people”, “very personable and has excellent communication skills”, “hardworking, adaptable, enjoys new challenges and has a positive outlook”, and “well organized and self-directed”. She hopes to work in dietetics in order to help people maintain both healthy bodies and healthy body images and looks forward to the internship in order to explore jobs that will allow her to achieve that. She particularly looks forward to learning more about the role of dietitians in the formation of public policy. Upon program completion she hopes to work as a strong voice in the nutrition community and to continue her education.

Natalie Bates


Natalie graduated from University of California, Davis in June of 2013 with a BS in Clinical Nutrition. She has travelled to Spain and Costa Rica as part of Study Abroad, and has interest in working with culturally diverse populations. Her work experiences include being a food and nutrition services intern at an acute care facility and a clinical research assistant. Her references describe her as “(having) the temperament and integrity need to thrive in an intensive (environment)”, “enthusiastic and courteous”, “effective, clear and concise communicator”, “readily accepts constructive criticism as an important part of the learning process and was always eager to push herself to new limits”, “smart, motivated and adaptable”, and “a hard worker, able to work independently and with a positive attitude”. She hopes to be involved in the public and legislative policy process that addresses community nutrition and population health across the lifespan, in addition to possibly specializing in diabetes and renal nutrition. She looks forward to addressing the nutritional needs of Sacramento’s underserved through the program and become a role model for future dietitians upon program completion.

Kaitlin Xavier


Kaitlin graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in August, 2013 with a BS in Nutrition. She is ServSafe Food Protection Manager certified. Her experiences include working as a site manager/liaison/research assistant for a nutrition intervention research study in middle school students through a Cal Poly organization called STRIDE, and working in customer service and sales at the Brown Butter cookie company. Her references describe her as “very pleasant, sincere, and compassionate”, “mature and independent”, “very dependable, responsible, and quick-learner”, “able to complete tasks or assignments with little supervision”, “quiet, thoughtful, mature and positive”, “takes initiative… grown as a leader”, “mature, with excellent written and verbal communication, and self-sufficiency”, “able to react quickly with poise and confidence”, and “can assess the situation and know where (her) efforts belong”. She hopes to gain experience in all areas of dietetics practice but is especially interested in medical nutrition therapy.  Upon completion of the program and successfully becoming a Registered Dietitian, Kaitlin looks forward to making a difference in the overall health of the people living in the Central Valley. She is from Hilmar, and is eager to experience and learn from the unique opportunities available in this region.

Erin Enriquez


Erin completed her DPD requirements at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa in August of 2013, BS in Human Biology at University of California, San Diego in June of 2011, and her MS in Nutritional Sciences at University of Washington in August of 2012. Her experiences include being a student health advocate, interning with dietitians for acute care and eating disorders, and graduate teaching assistantships. Her references describe her as “respectful and pleasant”, “exemplary”, “able to deliver therapeutic diet educations flawlessly, giving special attention to the unique needs of the client”, “answers questions with clarity and insight”, “demonstrates outstanding initiative”, and “responsible, a quick-learner, and hard-working”. She is most interested in clinical dietetics, and has shown her commitment to community through her leadership and community building through student organizations. She is aware and respectful of the uniqueness of herself and others. She has a strong desire to help others and hopes to empower those she encounters to make positive changes in their lives.

Matty Kwong


Matty graduated from UC Davis in March of 2009 with a BS in Clinical Nutrition.  Her experiences include being a diet clerk for a medical center in Roseville, a server at a lively restaurant, a research assistant for a nutrition project focused on dietary habits of a specific population, and volunteer experiences at Asian Community Center, California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, Western Human Nutrition Research Center, North Bay Medical Center, and Families First.  Her references describe her as “very pleasant, responsible (with) a mature outlook”, “eager, dedicated, and self-motivated”, “offers to take on projects, very flexible, and (accommodating)”, “a quick learner, conscientious, completes work timely”, “shows compassion, and has a great attitude”, and “recognizes areas of weakness and makes corrections to improve herself”. She is interested in the clinical and community aspects of nutrition and would like to specialize in diabetes and health education.  She is excited to gain more knowledge and experiences during her internship while expanding her professional network.  As a Sacramento native, she hopes to improve the health of her community as a Registered Dietitian.

Cassie Weaver


Cassie graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in June 2011 with a BS in Human Food and Nutrition; Dietetics. Her experiences include being a diet technician registered, and with nutrition education in a school district. Her references describe her as “attentive, asks pertinent and insightful questions”, “intelligent and eager to learn more”, “responsible, pleasant and personable”, “impressed me by (having) an overwhelming optimistic view”, “outstanding skills to interact… makes people comfortable”, “bright, energetic and possesses excellent communication skills with staff and supervisors”, “extremely proficient at work, and willing to step in”, and “flexible, capable, and adaptable”. Over the course of her internship year in Sacramento, she hopes to strengthen her foundation in nutrition and gain invaluable skills that she can put into practice as a professional.  She is looking forward to the experiences that will help to shape her as a person and a professional in the field of nutrition. After completing her internship, she hopes to pursue her interest in becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator and help to teach and promote healthy lifestyles for children and their families.

Pam Rapp


Pam graduated from University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, on May 4, 2013 with a MS in Human Environmental Sciences concentrating in Human Nutrition.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, on March 21, 2009 with BS in Nutrition and minor in Food Science. Her previous experiences include managing the Quality Assurance department for Raley’s Private Brands and consulting for the Roseville City School District as Nutrition Education Coordinator, utilizing her interest in public policy and child nutrition.  Her references describe her as “exemplary”, “dedicated”, “flourishes in situations that require self-direction and motivation”, “personable, poised, and happy”, “(whether) in a team or on her own, is thoughtful and open to constructive advice”, “work was impeccable, demonstrating understanding of expectations, integrity, attention to detail and reliability, and professional in every way”, “excellent organization and communication skills”, “very personable and a good listener”, “her enthusiasm (is) contagious”, and “has a good understanding of working with various groups of people and adapts well to them”. During the course of the internship she hopes to broaden her public policy knowledge in order to bring light to important nutrition topics and continue to expand the role and importance of registered dietitians.  Additionally she looks forward to spending more time in clinical nutrition and serving the various populations of the Sacramento area.  Once the program concludes she hopes to play a valuable role in public policy and possibly expanding her consulting endeavors.

Carly Pinzini


Carly graduated in 2013 from San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Science in Foods and Nutrition. She enters the dietetic program with experience in food service and peer counseling. She has played a vital role in admissions at San Diego State University. Acting as an Ambassador, she has volunteered hundreds of hours giving campus tours to prospective students, conducted new student orientations, and served as an official representative of the university. For the past three years, she has worked in food service and catering. Her references describe her as “(exuding) a passion for life and an overall fun and charming demeanor”, “possesses integrity, loyalty, work ethic, discipline, and thoughtfulness”, “excellent capability in writing”, “fast-learner, ability to follow instructions independently”, “punctual and prepared”, and “self-motivated and hard-working”. She hopes to advance her knowledge in the field of dietetics to inspire others to lead healthy lives. In the future she looks forward to using the skills gained from her internship to help prevent disease and promote health through dietetic practice as a registered dietitian.