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The Center for Family Studies was established in July 1998. Initially established as part of the Department's Child Study Center, which  successfully operated on this campus from 1974 until 2001, the Center for Family Studies was established to address broader social issues and community needs.  

The purpose of the Center for Family Studies is to promote the well being of families and family members by:

  • Promoting family -centered services in the community.
  • Providing family and consumer education programs in the community.
  • Providing students with opportunities to learn directly from multiethnic families in the community.
  • Supporting research on child, family and consumer issues.
  • Providing pre-service and in-service training for professionals and para-professionals working with families. 

Little Kids, Big Questions: A ZERO TO THREE Podcast Series on Early Childhood Development
This podcast series is made possible with generous support from MetLife Foundation.

ZERO TO THREE'S podcast series, Little Kids, Big Questions, addresses some of the most common (and challenging) issues facing parents of babies and toddlers, such as: helping a baby learn to sleep through the night; dealing with a picky eater; and learning to set limits on children's behavior. These questions and more are covered in htis series of 12 podcasts, hosted by Ann Pleshette Murphy, a past contributor to ABC's Good Morning America Parenting Segment and Vice President of the ZERO TO THREE  Board of Directors.

Each podcast features an interview with an expert that focuses on how to apply the research of early childhood development to your daily interactions with your baby or toddler.


The Director of the Center for Family Studies:

Professor Ann Moylan, Ph.D.
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
(916) 278-5098 
E-mail: moylan@csus.edu