Georisk Faculty Scholarhip Community (FSC)

The Georisk Faculty Scholarship Community (FSC) has an open call for Sacramento State faculty for membership in the upcoming academic year. A diverse group of faculty members is being sought across the fields of engineering, natural science, mathematics, and social science. All members will share an interest in the study of the risk associated with geological hazards—or, simply, georisk. The goal of the Georisk FSC is to create a vibrant, strong, multi-disciplinary, campus-wide scholarly group in this important field of study. The two major tasks planned for the 2017/2018 academic year are: (1) enhancement of current curriculum related to georisk, and (2) identification of cross-disciplinary research topics and proposals for future internal and external financial support. Meetings for this FSC will be held monthly, with the time and date to be specified based on each member’s schedule. A tenative schedule for the 2017/2018 academic year is below:



September: Kick-off and get-to-know
October: Course syllabus description, exchange, and discussion
November: Identification of course overlap
December: Course improvement session 1
January: Course improvement session 2
February: Development of georisk study track and class proposal session 1
March: Development of georisk study track and class proposal session 2
April: Identification of potential research proposal
May: Sketch of research proposal to be revisited during summer or fall of 2018


Application for membership to the Georisk FSC and other FSCs is completed through InfoReady. Details are found here.