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Prospective Thesis Students

I generally can accept 1-2 new thesis students per year. However, I am presently only accepting new thesis students who are interested in conducting research concerning how cultural and motivational processes influence implicit stereotyping and prejudice. Currently, in my lab we are conducting a series of experiments concerning implicit prejudice. My expectation is that graduate students will spend portions of their first year working in my research lab acquiring a theoretical understanding of implicit prejudice and stereotyping as well as the methodological skills needed to conduct experimental research on implicit prejudice. During their second year, students begin their thesis work in the area of implicit stereotyping and prejudice. Motivated full-time students who work in my research lab are able to complete their MA and thesis requirements within two years, although many students elect to take three years to complete their degree in order to acquire more extensive research experience.

Current Thesis Students

Bruce McGee is preparing for doctoral study in theoretical and philosophical psychology.  He received bachelor's degrees in psychology and philosophy from Sacramento State.  He is interested in exploring topics that combine insights from social, cognitive, and evolutionary psychology, as well as philosophy and neuroscience.  He is especially interested in investigating the concept of beliefs, particularly beliefs we have about the physical universe -- its origin and evolution, and the relationship of human beings to the evolving universe, as well as the implications of these beliefs for our behavior -- how we related to each other, to other forms of life, and to the world.

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James Santiago is a graduate student in the Industrial/Organizational MA program. He is currently working on a thesis examining stereotype threat.