College of Continuing Education


Financial aid may be available to students who are formally admitted to the University in an eligible degree program offered through the College of Continuing Education (CCE). Courses are available in many formats, including online, in-person, night/weekend and hybrid.  CCE is a self-supporting education unit of Sacramento State and receives no public funding for its operations.  Fees collected for each class cover instruction and administrative costs.  Some tuition fee based aid programs, such as the State University Grant or tuition fee waivers are not offered for CCE bachelor's and master's degree programs. 

Eligible programs are:

How to Apply for Financial Aid

To apply for aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (  After you have been admitted to the program and complete your FAFSA, you will be required to submit additional documents including the CCE Information Request form.  Monitor your My Sac State Student Center regularly for updates.  

The amount and type of aid you may be eligible for is based on the results from the FAFSA, enrollment, program, length of the term and your cost of attendance. Review the Financial Aid Checklist for CCE Students for further information on applying for aid.


  • Winter session courses are not eligible for financial aid
  • Your aid will be based on the courses listed on the CCE Information Request form

Disbursement of Aid

Disbursement of aid is contingent upon when the program and courses begin in the semester. 

Loans: Federal loans are payable when you are enrolled and in attendance of at least half-time (6 units undergraduate, 4 units graduate).  If you are a new loan borrower, you will be required to complete additional loan requirements; Entrance Loan Counseling (ELC) and Master Promissory Note (MPN).   If you are applying for an alternative (private) loan, refer to our alternative loans section for more information.

Grants: Grant aid is payable when you are enrolled and in attendance of ALL courses listed for the specific semester. 

Sign up for eRefund:  eRefund is the process by which refunds are deposited directly into any bank account. All refunds, including financial aid, fee overpayments and housing refunds are available through eRefund. To get your refund faster, we recommend that you sign up for eRefund by logging into your My Sac State account and navigate to your Student Center, click on the Account Inquiry link and then the green "eRefund" button.

Additional Information:

  • You must submit a new CCE Information Request form if you have a change in enrollment.  Your aid will be re-calculated, which may result in the adjustment or repayment of aid.
  • Fee deferments must be made through CCE Credit Enrollment Services.  CCE Credit Enrollment Service has a process where financial aid applicants are temporarily exempted from the disenrollment process that goes along with fee deadlines for students enrolled in CCE courses.  Once you have been awarded aid for the semester, CCE Credit Registration is notified and upon acceptance of aid will defer your fees until financial aid disburses to your account.  For questions about fee deferments for CCE programs please contact CCE Credit Enrollment Services at 916-278-6984.
  • A separate online summer application is required for summer financial aid and is available mid-April to June.
    • See our Summer website for more information regarding summer financial aid.