Fall 2013 Communications Archive

Date Published Title & Link Description Target Method
3/14/2013 Fee Defer ends June 1 Start of temporary Fall fee deferments for FAFSA applicants through June 1st. FAFSA Applicants Student Center Item
4/25/2013 Fee Defer ends June 1 Start of temporary Fall fee deferments for Dream Act applicants through June 1st. Dream Act Applicants Student Center Item
5/13/2013 Avoid Enrollment Cancelation Submit any To Do list items to extend temporary Fall fee deferment through September 13th. All aid applicants email
5/15/2013 Change in State University Grant Awards New policies in effect Fall 2013 impacting students ability to receive a State University Grant. Continuous notifications to aid applicants email
5/23/2013 Repeating a Course in Fall? Preliminary message to students who are may be repeating course in Fall 2013 Applicants enrolled for Fall 2013 email
6/10/2013 Fee Defer for Docs Done June 1 Students who submitted requested documents by the June 1 priority deadline, received and extension. All aid applicants Student Center Item
6/17/2013 Fee Defer for Awards Students who did not meet the June 1 deadline, received a fall fee deferment through Sept. 13th based on awards All aid applicants Student Center Item
7/8/2013 FWS Students - Program Changes There are new processes for the Federal Work Study Program, affecting 13/14 applicants. FWS awarded students email
8/16/2013 Late Registration and Repeat Courses Students who are enrolled in repeat coursework during late Fall 2013 registration Enrolled Fall 2013 applicants email
8/23/2013 Financial Aid - Important SAP Message Financial aid disqualified students who have outstanding Fall 2013 SAP appeal or documents SAP disqualified students email
10/14/2013 Repayment for repeated coursework Repayment of federal aid for repeating coursework during Fall 2013 term Students in repayment of aid email

Other Departments

Date Published Department Title & Link Description Target Method
5/16/2013 Office of the Senior VP for Planning, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Important Financial Aid Changes Important changes to financial aid policy: course repeats and State University Grants All Faculty, Staff & Sac State Students email
7/26/2013 Student Financial Services Center Fee Deferment Expires 8/9! SAP disqualified students who were billed by SFSC and who did not file a SAP appeal in June, were determined ineligible for the extended fall fee deferment SAP disqualified students emai