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Division of Student Affairs

Financial Aid and Scholarships

FAQ - Scholarships:

Scholarship awards will automatically be applied to tuition fees and other obligations you owe to the University. If funds remain after your fees and other debts have been paid, you will receive the difference either by eRefund or paper check. If your scholarship is less than the amount of your tuition fees, we recommend paying your tuition fees first, and applying the scholarship award to the difference.

Scholarships are typically disbursed at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters unless otherwise specified by the donor. However, no disbursements will be made until we have received the funds from the donor. We have weekly disbursements throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.
Bring your check directly to the Student Services Counter in the Lassen Hall Lobby.  We will include it on your award package and process it on your behalf.
Yes. Bring your scholarship award letter or scholarship check to the Student Services Counter and we will give you a scholarship fee deferment allowing time for your scholarship funds to be applied toward your outstanding debt.

We administer three types of scholarships:

  • Institutional - The application is available online from mid-January to late-March. These scholarships are awarded for the preceding academic year. Applicants will be notified of the selection mid-June.
  • Departmental - Check with your major department major every semester for scholarship applications and deadlines.
  • Community – This scholarship information is updated periodically on our website and posted outside our door and in the Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) Office in the Student Union. You can also search online, check with local businesses, schools, and/or other organizations.

For more information view the Scholarships page.

CSU Sacramento
Attn: Scholarship Office
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6044

Be sure the donor includes our building name and office location for accurate and timely delivery.

Updated: 1/2016

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