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Additional SAP Standards

In addition to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy, there are additional standards students must meet to maintain or regain eligibility for aid.


  • Students who did not meet the Minimum Cumulative GPA and Satisfactory Pace Standard can regain financial aid eligibility for the upcoming academic year, once they meet the Minimum Cumulative GPA and Satisfactory Pace Standard
  • Students cannot exceed 150 percent of their degree objective
  • Undergraduate students who graduate (degree has posted) can regain eligibility once they are admitted into a Masters or Credential program

Students who had a Unit/GPA appeal denied, can regain eligibility for the Spring / Summer if the student:

  • Enrolls without the benefit of financial aid assistance;
  • Receives passing grades to meet the minimum semester GPA for the courses attempted during the Fall or Spring semesters; and
  • Completes the Fall or Spring semesters with passing grades to meet the Satisfactory Pace Standard

Probation is defined as a status a school assigns to a student who is failing to make satisfactory academic progress and who successfully appeals. Eligibility for aid may be reinstated for one payment period, which is the probation semester. Probation students may be awarded aid for the academic year, but MUST show SAP progress at the end of their probation semester before the student can receive aid for the following semester.

A student who is placed on probation, is a student who has appealed and eligibility for aid has been conditionally reinstated and reviewed on a semester basis. Once on probation status, the student is eligible to receive grants, work study and loans for the probationary semester, which is one semester.

For example: If you filed an appeal in Fall and it was approved, your probation semester is Fall. Likewise, if you did not file an appeal in Fall, but did so in Spring and it was approved, your probation semester is Spring.

SAP Progress Probation Check
Federal regulations require that you make SAP progress at the end of your probation semester before you can continue to receive aid. Students on a probation status, must pass the following two grade check reviews:

1. Pass at least 75% (Satisfactory Standard Pace) of the courses attempted during the Probation semester
    For example: If you enrolled in 12 units for Fall and received passing grades for 9 units, you will have passed 75% of the attempted coursework

2. Of your attempted courses during the probation semester, you must receive grades that meet the minimum GPA specific to your academic plan

  • Undergraduate students must have a minimum semester GPA of 2.0
  • Second Bachelor must have a minimum term GPA of pass the probation semester with a minimum of a 2.5
  • Doctoral, Graduate, 2nd Masters, Unclassified Graduate and Credential, must have a minimum semester GPA of 3.0

Failing to comply with these standards will result in the ineligibility of aid for the subsequent semester. Appeals will not be considered. Due to the processing time between semesters students should be prepared to pay for their tuition fees on to avoid being dropped from their classes.


If you have been disqualified for not meeting the Cumulative GPA Standard and/or the Satisfactory Pace Standard due to non-passing grades and the grade has now "officially" changed on your academic record, you may submit a written request for a review of your disqualification. Your signed and dated statement must include, the name of the course and the course number (i.e. ANTH 02), the semester you received the non-passing grade and the passing grade it has been changed to on your academic records.

Submit your signed statement to the Student Service Center. Allow up to 3 business weeks for processing. You will be notified of the results at the email address on file with the University. If you are still enrolled for the current term, you should submit your grade change review before the academic year ends for consideration of aid.


Students who apply for Summer aid and are on probation for the Spring semester, will have their summer aid disbursement delayed to ensure they meet the SAP Progress Probation Check, as described above. Failing to pass the probation check will result in the ineligibility of Summer aid. Appeals will not be considered.


Students seeking a second bachelors, second masters and/or second credential must complete the second degree within the required units of their degree program.
For example:

  • If you are pursuing a 2nd Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, you must complete your second degree by the units required for the Major: 49 units
  • If you are pursuing a 2nd Master of Arts in Communications, you must complete your second degree by the units required for your degree: 30 units

Students who exceed the unit requirement of their degree program, will be disqualified and are required to file an appeal for reinstatement of aid.  In addition the SAP Contract, 2nd degree applicants must also complete the SAP Addendum regarding this additional policy.



  • Students who enroll in classes not required for degree completion or exceed the university’s policy related to change of major, will be held to the maximum unit cap without exception.  This includes students who enroll in unnecessary full-time units for the sole purpose of obtaining full-time financial aid.
  • Students who exceed the University limit for repeated coursework are subject to review.   Repeated coursework is not eligible for federal aid funding. See Financial Aid Repeat Coursework Policy.
  • Students who complete all degree program requirements and are eligible to petition to graduate but do not, are ineligible for continued funding.  No exceptions.
  • Academic progress can be evaluated at any time during the academic year as identified by Financial Aid & Scholarships Office staff, academic personnel or school administrators


Rev. 8/2016

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