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Division of Student Affairs

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid & Scholarships Office Strategic Plan

As we enter the 21st Century and see a new generation of college students enroll at our campus we are challenged with creating new and innovative ways to continue to serve our students and ensure their academic success.  Many of our strategic initiatives refocus on improving upon communication to students, streamlining some of our existing processes and supporting staff by ensuring they have the continued training and resources necessary to provide world class service to our students.

In collaboration with the Registrar, Financial Services Director and members of the Graduation Initiative, implement a financial aid tool in January 2016 that will provide students with an estimate of financial aid utilized and an estimate of remaining eligibility in relation to Progress to Degree (P2D).

Steps to Achieve

  • Develop business rules for each aid program
  • Develop “mock up” design for display in student center
  • Meet with Information Technology staff to design and develop
  • Test proto-type, refine and test again
  • Move to production in Student Center – scheduled for 9/15/16
  • Develop an online user guide to help students understand and navigate the meter
  • Market to Faculty, Staff and Students beginning Fall 2016


  • The small project team has worked over the past 6-9 months to build the FA Meter.  The meter will display the following to student:
    • Aid used
    • Current aid
    • Aid remaining
    • Expected graduation date
  • This tool is designed to provide the student a snapshot of aid eligibility compared to the expected graduation date
  • The FA Meter is in final testing and scheduled to go live in mid-September 2016

Develop a project plan in partnership with University Advancement that will outline the implementation of Academic Works as the single point of application for Department Scholarships beginning 2017.    Today there are 38 places where a student can apply for a scholarship at Sac State!  Year one: Project Plan and discussion with departments.  Year two: Conversion to Academic Works.

Note: President Nelsen has asked for the centralization of scholarships on campus.  A joint team will be created to review time and resources to launch this effort in 2017.

Steps to Achieve

  • Revisit scalability of Academic Works to ensure the product will allow for centralization of all scholarships into this one tool and provide flexibility where necessary
  • Meet with each individual department to understand the complexities of each scholarship process
  • Create a project plan to centralize scholarship process

Establish an internal training committee in Fall 2015 with the primary objective to provide staff training necessary to meet future business needs and establish a succession plan for future leadership transition within office.

Collaborate with our campus partners to establish Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) by January 1, 2016, to be supported by the Student Service Center (one-stop) on behalf of the home offices.

Steps to Achieve

  • Scheduled meetings with home offices to discuss staffing and resources, services offered today and opportunities in the future
  • Discussed system access and necessary training and support
  • Discussed escalation process back to home office


  • SLA’s have been written and signed for final approved between One Stop and the following campus partners:
    • Financial Aid & Scholarships Office
    • University Registrar
    • Admissions
    • Veteran Success Center
  • SLA’s required new security roles be created for SSC staff and campus partners to ensure students receive a holistic response to inquiries in person, via email or phones


Implement a training plan in January 2016 to ensure accurate and timely delivery of services outlined in SLA’s, including referral process to subject matter expert in home office.

Steps to Achieve

  • Created life cycle of student and defined points of contact SSC staff would encounter
  • Reviewed processes for each home office in relation to life cycle of student
  • Outlined training plan based on life cycle
  • Partnered with each home office to support training needs of SSC staff


  • A 6 week training plan was implemented for all new staff in SSC
  • Training included the following:
    • Group training with home office subject matter experts
    • Individual training specific to counseling and specialist job functions
    • Team building exercises and long term follow-up to ensure continuous learning

Outline a training and staff recognition plan for implementation in March 2016 to ensure the development of a culture of service to become the “world class” Student Service Center (one-stop) in CSU System.

Steps to Achieve

  • Key staff members from the various units within Financial Aid & Scholarships and Student Service Center were identified and selected to serve as part of the Training Committee
  • The committee’s first task is to outline training needs of the office, create a calendar and identify “subject matter experts” that can assist with training on the topics identified


  • The committee was formed in Spring 2016

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