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Sacramento Region Community Foundation Scholarships

2013-2015 National Directory of Scholarships, Internships and Fellowships for AAPI Students

2013-2015 National Directory for AAPI students

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Scholoarship Deadlines

Scholarship Workshop

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Institutional (Scholarships Within CSUS) Scholarship List

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    Alice Glancy Bonds Scholarship

    Almond and Betty Sue Curien Scholarship

    California State University Retirees Association Scholarship

    Carol Channing and Harry Kullijian Endowment for Art Education Scholarship

    Chancellor's Office State Wide Scholarship

    Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students (System-wide)

    Dan and Nancy Cole Sacramento High School Math/Science Scholarship

    Daniel C. Orey Equity Scholarship

    Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865, Annual Living Memorial Scholarship

    Dennis C. Crane Memorial Scholarship

    Dr. Gordon Glabe and Dr. Stanley Hughart Memorial Scholarship

    Dr. Suzanne A. Snively Graduate Assistantship

    Duccini/Pasquini/Traversa Scholarship

    Eleanor and John Zeltin Scholarship

    Elizabeth Berry Dickison Scholarship

    Emily Sutton Shattuck Scholarship in Social Work

    Eugene and Dena Salmon Scholarship

    Frances E. and Donald Fuoss Memorial Scholarship

    Franklin Stillwell Scholarship

    Frederick Walden Brown Memorial Scholarship

    Geraldine T. Olson Nursing Scholarship

    Glenn and Dorothy Dumke Fellowship (System-wide)

    Hazel Cramer Scholarship

    Helen Knesek Scholarship

    Jennifer and Gary Gallelli Scholarship

    Jo Anne Marquardt (JAM) Hope, Empower, Love, and Peace (HELP)

    John J. and Lillian C. Swacina

    Judith Ann Hakari Nursing Scholarship

    Judith K. Andres Memorial Scholarship

    Kerry Kendley Scholarship

    Lillian Stillwell Scholarship

    Marcia A. Boden Scholarship for Careers in Education

    Marian Weed Scholarship

    Marion Muddox Scholarship

    Nigel C. Bright Memorial Scholarship

    Osher Re-Entry Scholarship

    Professor Norman and Evelyn Castellan

    Professor Robert J. Else Scholarship

    Reita E. Bell Scholarship

    Robert S. Smart Memorial Scholarship

    Ryan Huhn Memorial Scholarship

    Scott Adamson Memorial Scholarship

    Single Parent Scholarship

    Small Grants/High Hopes Scholarship

    Stan Pretzer Public Service Scholarship

    Stephen and Charlotte Walker Re-Entry Scholarship

    Susan Blad Seldin Scholarship

    The Affiliates Scholarship

    The Clara Rodriguez Scholarship

    The Ghazi Karadsheh Scholarship for Excellence

    The Habbas Scholarships for Excellence

    The James William Whitsell Scholarship

    The President Alexander and Gloria Gonzalez Public Service and Community Leadership Scholarship

    The Renaissance Society Scholarship

    The River City Quilters Guild Scholarship

    The Vera Koehler Clinical Nursing Scholarship

    University of California, Davis Medical Center Volunteer Services

    William D. James Scholarship

    William and Janet Lahey Art Education and Visual Arts Scholarship (System-wide)

    William Randolph Hearst/CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement (System-wide)

    Wilson C. Riles Education (System-wide)

Major Scholarships

Major                                                               Website

1          Alumni Relations          

2          Anthropology               

3          Art                              

4          Asian American Studies 

5          Associated Students Inc.

6          Biological Sciences       

7          Business Administration

8          Chemistry                   

9          Child Development       

10        Communication Studies

11        Computer Science        

12        Criminal Justice            

13        Dance                         

14        Economics                   

15        Education                    

16        Engineering                 

17        English                        

18        Environmental Studies  

19        Ethnic Studies              

20        Family & Consumer Sciences

21        Foreign Languages        

22        Geography                   

23        Geology                       

24        Gerontology                 

25        Government                 

26        Graphic Design             

27        History                         

28        Honors Program            

29        Humanities                    

30        International Affairs       

31        Kinesiology & Health Science

32        Liberal Studies              

33        Mathematics                  

34        Music                            

35        Nursing                         

36        Philosophy                    

37        Physical Therapy           

38        Physics                         

39        Psychology                    

40        Public Policy & Administration

41        Recreation & Leisure Studies

42        Social Sciences              

43        Social Work                   

44        Sociology                      

45        Speech Pathology & Audiology

46        Student Academic Success & Educational Equity

47        Theatre                        

48        Women's Studies