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Welcome to the German Program Home Page
A Minor in German is offered at Sac State

Courses in German encompass the study of German language, literature, and culture. Language study begins with the imparting of the four basic language skills: speaking, aural comprehension, reading, and writing. The imparting of the basic language skills is the first and necessary step toward what is actually the liberal arts core of our curriculum: the upper division offerings.

It is through the advanced language courses as well as through the literature and culture courses that the students become familiar with the intricacies of another language, begin thinking in that language, and become familiar with the literary and cultural contributions made by the people speaking it.

Each student minoring in German is assigned an advisor upon entry into the program. Teaching credential candidates must complete the Professional Education Program in addition to other requirements for a teaching credential.
Interested in GE classes in English? We offer several GE courses about German history, culture and literature taught exclusively in English.

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