We will offer JAPN1B, JAPN2B, JAPN116B, JAPN120, JAPN194, JAPN199 N302 (CSUMB)

JAPN 001B Elementary Japanese

JAPN 002B Intermediate Japanese

JAPN116B: Language and Culture of the Japanese and the Japanese in America

JAPN120: Japanese Civilization (Taught in English. For advanced Japanese language students may use the reading materials in Japanese)

JAPN 194 - Field Experience/Internship

JAPN 199- Special Problems

JAPN 150 Advanced Japanese grammar and conversation


FAll 2015


We will offer JAPN1A (3 sections), JAPN2A, JAPN116A (equivalent to the 3rd year Japanese), JAPN110, JAPN194, JAPN195, JAPN199. The course offerings may change due to various factors.

If you have taken Japanese at a high school or other college/university, please take a placement test. Please talk to your instructor.

Check Sacramento State - Japanese Language Course Schedule

JAPN 001A Elementary Japanese = New Edition Genki Textbook & Workbook

*We introduce Hiragana (Japanese writing system) from Day 1. Make sure to start learning about Hiragana.

JAPN 002A Intermediate Japanese

For those who minor in Japanese, start with JAPN116A. It is recommend that you will take JAPN116A (Fall 2014), JAPN116B (Spring 2015), JAPN110 (Fall 2015), and JAPN150 (Spring 2016). If you would like to complete the Minor Program on the fast track (JAPN116A and JAPN110, Fall 2014), and JAPN150 and JAPN150 (in Spring 2015), it is required to consult with your Minor advisor.

JAPN116A: Language and Culture of the Japanese and the Japanese in America (This is an quivalent to the 3rd year Japanese language) (Japanese Minor Course)

JAPN 110 - Introduction to Japanese Literature (This is an quivalent to the 4th year Japanese language)

JAPN 194 - Field Experience/Internship

JAPN 195 - Field Work - Tutoring

JAPN 199- Special Problems s

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