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Name: David Baldridge
Status: Professional Graphic Design Artist for the Rewind Yo-Yo company in Japan

David graduated from CSUS with a major in Graphic Design and special major in Japanese, and has one of the most interesting stories to tell about his life after graduation. During his college career he often participated in Japan Club events and could be found almost daily in the Japanese tutor room. He studied at Waseda University for one academic year and has since taken that experience to a whole new level. Be sure to take a look at the articles on his blog at griddable.

[2010.03.23] Where Are You Now?

[2010.04.07] One of many yo-yo events

Articles & Videos

Name: Ray Arcega
Status: JET ALT Nagasaki Prefecture

Ray was extremely active in Japan Club, and helped coordinate many dance related functions for the club, including a performance by Japan Club and Laguna Creek High School at the California State Fair. He currently is a successful JET ALT and loves his work down in Nagasaki, Japan.

[2010.04.07] Ray Arcega

[2010.04.07] One of Ray's choreographed dance performances

Articles & Videos

Name: Maria Huttel
Status: H&M Japan Merchandiser

Maria was an exchange student to CSUS way back, and would often hang out with Japan Club as well as in the Japanese tutor room. After returning and graduating, and completing an internship program in Japan, she joined the select few who was selected abroad to help bring H&M to Japan successfully.

[2010.04.07] Maria Huttel

[2010.04.07] H&M Opening

Articles & Videos

Name: Michael Chen
Status: Former CSUS Japan Club Member and former CSUS Martial Arts Club President

After receiving his Bachelors Degree at CSUS, Micheal Chen took part in events at the beginning stages of Japan Club's life, along with leading the Martial Arts Club while completing his Masters in Recreational Science. He still maintains connections with the Martial Arts Club which has performed at various Japan Club events, martial arts competitions, and several other performance events. He has started in various commercials as well as held various roles in a few movies. The most recent being a film titled Grandma Takedown, where he plays the role of a ninja.

[2010.03.23] Action Picture Show, by Onigun Studios with Yas Yamamoto

[2010.03.23] Skit choreographed and participated in at Anime Expo 2008

[2010.03.23] One of his many commercial appearances

Articles & Videos

Name: Brian Berry
Status: Alumni President

[2009.11.11] Tokyo University Campus Tour with Sachiko Kobayashi

[2009.10.24] Where Are You Now?

[2010.04.07] Wonders of Japanese Engineering Episode #1
After noticing a few dangerous spots around Tokyo and my university, I decided to pick a day I was in a grumpy mood and shoot a video covering frightening and deadly examples of "Japanese Engineering."