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2011 MARCH 21

On March 11th, a massive earthquake of 9.0 magnitude occurred near the northeastern coast of Japan, which consequently causeed tsunami waves to hit shortly after. J-Alumni in Japan are all right, but there is absolute devastation in the Tohoku region of Japan. Furthermore, there were explosions at the Fukushima nuclear power plant and there are concerns that the situation may get worse. Here is a visual of the disaster: Before and After

Here are a few useful links for the situation:
- How You Can Help
- Google Crisis Resources


2011 JANUARY 20

We now have a new layout, and have linked to Sachiko Kobayashi's work website Land Housing. Please be sure to browse through, especially if you are looking for assitance for finding a living space in Japan!


2010 MARCH 23

Several new videos submitted by Alumni and Beyond Borders members have been added to the "Articles & Videos" section. David Baldridge and Michael Chen have some great submissions, so don't miss them!


2009 NOVEMBER 30

We now have new video specials created by Alumni and Beyond Borders members! The "Articles & Videos" section has been updated with two videos by President Brian Berry and Sachiko Kobayashi. Be sure to check them out!


2009 JULY 15

Our first event, The Next Step: Graduate School and Teaching in Japan will be held on Saturday, July 25th in Mendocino Hall room 1020 at 2:00pm. Many of you have had a strong interest in Japan for years, and this event is specifically aimed to help those wondering what their options are for graduate school in the US, Japan, or those looking into into teaching English in Japan. Japanese members are also encouraged to attend. Attending is FREE. However, please be aware that parking may be disappointingly enforced on campus during Saturday in the summer still so please park "evasively"; recommended parking spots are across the bridge or near J Street.

Planned Lectures and Q&A sessions include:
-Applying and Going to Graduate School in the United States by Professor Chinen
-Applying and Going to Graduate School in Japan by Brian Berry
-Applying and Teaching in Japan by Chris Lamb


2009 JUNE 10

The beta version of the members section is currently in the works. It will provide alumni and ambassadors with important information, a contact list, and a functional forum. Again, your suggestions are welcomed and will greatly benefit our young website.