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Official Japanese Minor Program

A minor in Japanese is available through the department of Foreign Languages. students interested in this 12 upper division unit minor should consult with an instructor for further information.

  Lower Division Courses


Elementary Japanese


   A beginning course in modern conversational Japanese. Emphasis on skills in spoken language, reading of Romanization, basic grammar, and an understanding of the Japanese culture. The Kana writing system is introduced after the first three weeks of the semester. Films, filmstrips and slides are used for an introduction of the Japanese civilization. No prerequisites, but consultation with the instructor is encouraged. 5 units. Fall semester.


   A continuation of Japanese 1A with emphasis on speaking, reading, basic, grammar and patterns of daily conversation. The Japanese Kana system and approximately 100 Chinese characters will be used in textbook reading selections. Culture, customs, traditions and Japanese manners are stressed for a better understanding of the Japanese civilization. Films, filmstrips and slides are used. Prerequisite: Japanese 1A or equivalent. 5 units. Spring semester


Intermediate Japanese


    An intermediate course in modern Japanese language. Emphasis on speaking, reading, grammatical knowledge through dialogues, discussion and interaction between instructor and student. Ability to read and write 300-350 Chinese Kanji characters is important. Culture, tradition, customs, and manners are also included in the instruction to stress acquisition of practical knowledge. Films and filmstrips are used. Prerequisites: Japanese 1B or equivalent. Consultation with instructor is encouraged. 4 units. Fall semester.


    A continuation of Japanese 2A with further development of speaking, reading, grammar and composition skills. 400-450 Chinese characters are taught. Further interaction using Japanese using Japanese in the classroom situation is stressed. Public speech in Japanese is also introduced. Understanding culture, customs tradition and manners is essential. Films and filmstrips are used. Prerequisite: Japanese 2A or equivalent. Consultation with the instructor is required. 4 units. Spring semester.


Intermediate Oral Proficiency
    This course develops oral skills in Japanes. Students will learn speaking rules different social levels and in various situations of daily life, including a business setting. Group discussions are based on text to read, tapes to listen to and videos to watch in order to enhance oral skills. Maybe repeated once for credit. This is designed for students at the intermediate or 2A-B level, but is not equivalent to 2A-B. Prerequisite: Japanese 1B or equivalent or permission of instructor. (Meets foreign language proficiency graduation requirement) 3 units.

  Upper Division Courses


Business Japanese
    Business Japanese offers a new orientation to the study of the Japanese Language. The aim of Business Japanese is to help those who study business as well as Japanese meet his or her specific needs in everyday business situation in Japan. Prerequisite: One year Japanese or Equivalent.


Introduction to Japanese Literature
    To develop Japanese literary language skills, such as translation and spoken Japanese in terms of variety of different literary Japanese styles and to acquire some fundamental concepts of classical and literary principles, ideas, values, aesthetic beauty, symbolism and forms through reading and appreciation of Japanese Literature covering from 10th century to the present in Japanese texts. 3 units. Spring or Fall semester, every other year.


Literature, Language and Culture of the Japanese and the Japanese in American


    A course designed to expose the student to the practical use of the more advanced aspects of the modern Japanese language. 450-650 characters are taught. Emphasis on practical conversation in the community, includes specialized business language and practices. Public speech and composition are important skills that will be developed while gaining knowledge of the Japanese civilization. Prerequisite: Japanese 2B or equivalent. Consultation with instructor is required. 3 units. Fall semester.


    A continuation of Japanese 116A with further development of advanced language skills and instruction in culture, religion, and business practices. Dialects are introduced which will further understanding of the locally used language. Advanced instruction in grammar and reading/writing of 700 Chinese Characters. Prerequisite: Japanese 116A or equivalent. Consultation with instructor is required. 3 units. Spring semester.


Japanese Civilization
    Course deals with the interaction between language, culture, religion, customs, and other aspects of the Japanese civilization. Emphasis on civilization from ancient through modern times. Highly recommended for students taking courses in Japanese language, Asian history, eastern humanities and international business. Films, slides, filmstrips are used. No prerequisites, taught in English. 3 units. Fall semester.


Advanced Japanese Reading, Speaking, Writing and Grammar
    Advanced Japanese reading, speaking, translation and understanding of grammar for practical use of advanced language skills. Speech, composition and translation skills are emphasized. 800 Chinese characters are minimum requirements for reading texts, newspapers, and other materials which will aid in understanding Japanese society, the people of this community, and of Japan. Prerequisite: Japanese 116B or equivilent. Consultation with instrutor is required. 3units. Spring or Fall every other academic year.


Field Experience / Internship
    Directed Fieldwork in a project which uses the language skills developed through previous study of Japanese. The projects may include interpreting and translating for public and/or private agencies in Sacramento or other projects approved by teh faculty supervisor. All work will be monitored by CSUS faculty. The student must submit written reports to his/her supervisor. Prerequisite: Intermediate competancy in Japanese and the consent of instructor. Can be taken more than once for credit. Credit/no credit.


Field Work - Tutoring
    Tutoring of lower-division Japanese language students, under the supervision of an instructor. Prerequisite: student with native or near-native fluency in Japanese, upper-division standing or permission of instructor. Credit/No Credit.


Special Problems in Japanese
    Individula projects or directed readings of advanced Japanese language texts. Open only to students who appear competent to carry on independent study in language, culture, religion and other aspects of Japanese civilization. Admission requires the approval of the instructor.

*   Required for Minor in Japanese

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