Department of Foreign Languages
Procedures for Testing in Languages other than Spanish

Foreign Language Proficiency Evaluations: AUTHORIZED EXAMINERS

STUDENTS: PLEASE PRINT and TAKE WITH YOU TO YOUR EXAMINER THIS FOREIGN LANGUAGE Proficiency Evaluation FORM which has instructions on it. (FLUENT Speakers/Readers of Spanish may also use this form and process.)

The required Evaluation Form, with Examiner Letter attached, are to be submitted to the Foreign Languages Dept in Mariposa Hall MRP 2051.

It is the Student's responsibility to make contact with an Authorized Examiner, to arrange an "interview" evaluation, typically for Speaking and Reading skills.

The Process: once proficiency is demonstrated and documented with the Evaluation Form & Examiner Letter, then processed through the Foreign Languages Department, the next step is that the Foreign Languages Department forwards that information to the Degree Evaluations Office, which will update Student Academic Records with a Green "True", meaning that the Graduation Requirement has been met. This process takes about 3-4 weeks in the Degree Evaluations Office. At that time, students should check their records to confirm the update. If it is not posted, then contact the Foreign Languages Proficiency Coordinator to follow up.

==>>> NOTE: If YOUR language does NOT have an examiner shown below, then see the procedures
"No Examiner listed" option. <<<==.

** Starred evaluators are members of the Foreign Languages department. * * A letter is not necessary from these evaluators.


Language Authorized Examiner Phone

African Languages
(S. Africa)


Prof S. Dube (916) 278- 7519
on campus, Tahoe Hall 3031
African (Swahili)

see below under Swahili .
American Sign Language

Dr. Donald Grushkin (916) 278-3465
Use 711, California Relay Services for hearing impaired; on campus EUR 312
Amharic Dr. Data Barata

(916) 278-6651
on campus, Anthropology Dept, MND 4032
Armenian Prof. Knarik Manukyan -------
on campus
Arabic Prof. Ayad Al-Qazzaz (916) 278-6267
on campus, AMD 453B
Cambodian Sedah Tath (916) 278-4187


on campus, EUR 328A
Cambodian (Khmer)

Not available

Chinese **
(Cantonese, Mandarin)

Dr. Robinson (916) 278-6726
on campus, MRP 2059
Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish

Tom Kando (916) 278-6694
on campus, AMD 451C
Farsi (Persian)

Prof. M.H. Partovi

Not available for testing during Fall 2013

on campus
Farsi (Persian) Mahdokht Mansoori (916) 600-2513  

off campus; Farsi Language Learning Center

French ** Prof. Elstob (916) 278-6565
on campus, MRP 2013
German ** Dr. Wade (916) 278-5508
on campus, MRP 2021
Greek Kathy Fotopoulos --
off campus
Hebrew Prof. Robert Platzner --
off campus
Hindi Dr. Lakshmi Malroutu (916) 278-2930

on campus, Sac Hall 259


Hmong Prof. Ka Va (916) 278-4637
on campus, EUR 435C
Hmong Prof. Serge Lee

(916) 278-5820
on campus, MRP 4025
Italian ** Prof. Elstob (916) 278-6565
on campus, MRP 2013
Japanese **

Prof. Kazue Masuyama

(916) 278-5667
on campus, MRP 2061
Japanese Prof. Luk

Korean Prof. Brian Lim

(916) 278-4164
on campus, EUR 302
Korean Prof. Gowoon Noh .
on campus, Anthro Dept MEND 4010

Korean Prof. Seunghee Wie (916) 278-7108

on campus, MRP 3035

Latin Prof. M. Riley --
off campus
Mandarin ** Dr. L. Robinson (916) 278-6726
on campus, MRP 2059

Moldavian (Polish, Romanian, Slovakian)

Dr. Marius Petraru (916) 278-6901 OR

at ARC College, Geography Dept, at (916) 484-8723, AND also
CSUS Geography Dept on campus AMD 551D at (916) 278-6410

Philippine languages (Tagalog, Visayan, Cebuano)

Prof. Julita G. Lambating (916) 278-5534
on campus, contact during the first month of the semester
Polish Dr. Marius Petraru . OR

at ARC College, Geography Dept, at (916) 484-8723, AND also
CSUS Geography Dept on campus AMD 551D at (916) 278-6410

Portuguese Dr. Vera Margoniner (916) 278-6268
on campus, Physics/Astronomy Dept, SQU 436
Punjabi ** Prof Amrik Singh

(916) 278-5379
on campus, MRP 2023

Romanian Dr. Marius Petraru (916) 484-8723

at ARC College, Geography Dept, at (916) 484-8723, AND also
CSUS Geography Dept on campus AMD 551D at (916) 278-6410

Russian ** Dr. Diana Lysinger (916) 278-6839
on campus, MRP 2050
Serbo-Croatian Not Available

Slovakian Dr. Marius Petraru (916) 484-8723 OR
at ARC College, Geography Dept, at (916) 484-8723, AND also
CSUS Geography Dept on campus AMD 551D at (916) 278-6410

Spanish ** Group Testing for Spanish skills (916) 278-6333

For Group Test registration & Test Date for Spanish only, review information at

This exam is for LISTENING and READING skills only. There is a $10 fee (payable at the Cashier's) for these exams.

Use "Registration Form for Spanish Proficiency Testing".

Spanish **

For an evaluation via interview, contact a Professor of Spanish at Sac State, or at another institution.



Speaking & Reading assessments are done, for FLUENT speakers only.
Please print the Evaluation Form "Proficiency Testing Evaluation Form for All Languages other than Spanish" form, also used for FLUENT speakers of Spanish. (cross off "... other than Spanish" on the form). Make an appointment and follow instructions on the form.

Swahili Prof F. Kamau Kinuthia

(916) 484-8962

at ARC College, Economics Department
Tagalog Brian Rosario
on campus

Tagalog Consorcia C. Apostol (916) 508-0877

at SCC College, 3835 Freeport Blvd in Sacramento

Tagalog Prof. Julita G. Lambating (916) 278-5534
on campus, contact during the first month of the semester


Vietnamese Ms. Minh (MinhHong) Do (916) 691-7359
at CRC Cosumnes River College; also (916) 691-7213
Vietnamese Ms. Thuan Bui

(916) 484-8157
(916) 484-8572

at ARC College, Counseling Services


"NO EXAMINER" listed above OPTION: USE THIS if the language you need is NOT listed above.

Demonstration of proficiency in languages which CSUS does not have the means to test:

Unfortunately, we do not teach all languages, nor do we have identified testers for all languages. As an alternative to demonstrate your proficiency in a language for which we have no identified tester, you may identify a fluent speaker who is NOT a family member, to evaluate your skills. Two steps are necessary.

1) You must print our Proficiency Evaluation form and have the evaluator fill out/evaluate/sign it. You must have proficiency in a "literacy" skill - reading or writing, as well as speaking/listening. Typically SPEAKING and READING skills are evaluated.

2) You must also obtain a Letter, on letterhead (this is company/organization stationery paper), from a respected member of the community who speaks the language (a leader in a community organization, a church leader, someone who teaches the language to younger members of the community, a supervisor where you have worked, a teacher from another institution, a director of a non-profit organizationn, a State employee) to write a letter verifying that you can both speak, and read or write the language. The writer of the letter should indicate how they are qualified to perform a language assessment (they are a native speaker, born & raised overseas, educational degrees from a foreign country), in what connection he or she has known you and how they know of your proficiency, and what types of materials they used to assess your language skills (conversation needs to be at an intermediate level, with correct grammar and pronunciation; reading can be from a book, magazine, newspaper with intermediate level translation/comprehension skills). The Evaluator must provide their contact information (address, phone, email), and your SacState student ID # needs to be included on the letter. Keep a copy of the form and the letter for your records.

Have the Evaluator send the letter & the form to the Foreign Languages Proficiency Coordinator (name & address are below). Or that person can give the paperwork to you to bring to the Foreign Languages Department Office (Mariposa Hall room 2051). At that time, the Foreign Languages Proficiency Coordinator can evaluate your situation and make a determination if the requirement has been met, and forward all necessary information to the Degree Evaluations Office.

Foreign Language Proficiency Coordinator (click here for current email/telephone/office hours)
Department of Foreign Languages
CSU, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6087


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