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Sacramento State’s Master of Arts in Spanish Program provides teachers and graduate students the chance to learn as much as possible about Mexico, its customs, traditions, and history so that they may in turn share their learned knowledge with others. From the cathedrals, museums, and monasteries of colonial and modern Guadalajara and Mexico City, to the ancient ruins of Teotihuacán, Mexico offers a visual and cultural feast for the senses not found anywhere else. During the cultural tour, we will visit many cities and villages in the spiritual heart of Mexico: Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro, Mexico City, Tapalpa, and Morelia, where the academic program will be held. There is an exciting itinerary planned which includes visits to pre-Columbian pyramids, the Ruta de la Independencia, and the spectacular Ballet Folklórico Nacional in Mexico City.

So close to the U.S. and yet in many ways so far, Mexico is one of the most colorful, friendly, and exciting countries in the Western hemisphere. Rich in archeology, with a 2,700-year-long tradition of ancient civilizations encompassing the Olmec, Mayan, and Aztec cultures, it never ceases to amaze the foreign visitor. The academic program will take place within the colonial heartland of the country, the state of Michoacán, considered by many the most beautiful in all of Mexico.

Master of Arts in Spanish Program

In response to requests from graduate students and teachers of Spanish, the Sacramento State Master of Arts in Spanish Program offers the opportunity for study abroad at the overseas summer centers in Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, and Spain. Each summer the department offers a full academic program at one of these international centers.

The program enables participants to immerse themselves in a Spanish-speaking country and its culture, customs, and history so they can share their knowledge and experiences with others. Participants have the opportunity to take graduate course offerings in literature, linguistics, and civilization and culture. While any Master of Arts in Spanish student may attend one or more of these centers to earn credit toward their degree, individuals who cannot attend class during the regular academic year have the option of attending three or more different summer programs, and then completing the culminating experience requirement (comprehensive exams, thesis, or project) to earn their master’s degree.

If interested in applying to the Sacramento State graduate program, please send Dr. Edward Baranowski a photocopy of all completed upper division Spanish and linguistics course work for a preliminary evaluation of prerequisites requirements. If program prerequisites are met, then formal application to the program must be made by sending Dr. Baranowski the following in one large envelope:

• A brief cover letter with applicant’s contact information detailing the program that is being applied to.

• A one-page Statement of Purpose (in English or Spanish) in which applicant explains interests in pursuing their master’s degree with Sacramento State.

• A five-page writing sample in Spanish from any previous course work that was graded
by an instructor.

• Two letters of recommendation if bachelor’s degree was not completed at Sacramento State.

• One sealed copy of applicants official transcripts.

If accepted into the master’s program, then the applicant will need to officially apply online to the Office of Graduate Studies ( and enroll in the Spanish Summer Graduate Program ( These are two separate applications which must be completed only if formally accepted into the master’s program.

Click here for information about the Academic Program portion of the Mexico 2008 Summer Graduate Program.

Click here for more information about the Master of Arts in Spanish Program.


For questions regarding the Master of Arts in Spanish Program, contact:

Dr. Edward Baranowski
Coordinator, Spanish Master’s Program
(916) 278-6336


Total Cost: $4,350 (Includes 13-day cultural tour within Mexico, homestay, 3 meals per day), six units of academic credit, and all transportation within Mexico (excluding to and from airport). Cost does not include round trip airfare from the United States.

Deposit: Application + $500 by January 15, 2008 (Make checks payable to Sacramento State)

Second Payment:
$1,000 by March 1, 2008

Final Payment:
Remaining balance, $2,850 by May 1, 2008 (for a total of $4,350)

Units: Program fees include 0-6 units of academic credit transferable to most accredited universities. Students may enroll in an additional three units of course work at a cost of $225 per unit payable to Sacramento State. A maximum of nine units may be earned overall, but no more than two 200-level courses can be taken in a given summer.

Refund Deadlines:
Cancellation up to May 1, 2008: All but $150 of amount received will be refunded.
Cancellation after June 1, 2008: No refund (unless an approved replacement for the participant can
be found).There will be no refund for unused portions of the program. Prices are subject to change.

Important Information: The College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State will not permit any specialized logistical or financial deviations to the fee structure or travel schedule for the Master of Arts in Spanish Program. All students will pay the same program cost, except when additional units beyond the six units are needed. Students must be in Guadalajara on the scheduled date and participate in the homestay and all official tour activities.

Mexico 2008 is a specially-designed travel study program, and while in the past some modifications were permitted with individual students’ logistical plans, this has complicated matters for the College of Continuing Education. As a result, the dean of CCE will no longer permit any “tailor-made” logistical or financial deviations for any student or group of students. There will be no refunds for unused portions of the program.

Flights to Mexico/Passports: The program price does NOT include airfare. Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from Mexico. Note: Valid U.S. passports are now required of all U.S. citizens who travel to Mexico.


Click here to download the required Application for Travel Study for Mexico 2008 as a PDF/printable file.

If you are a returning student or have just been accepted into the master’s program, you may fill out and mail the Travel Study application and deposit to:

Att: Deborah Hansen
College of Continuing Education
3000 State University Drive East
Sacramento, CA


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