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Peru Summer Program (June 21 – August 4, 2014)

Sacramento State’s Master of Arts in Spanish travel study program offers participants a total Spanish immersion experience, featuring homestay accommodations with selected host families and an academic program of courses, educational tours and lectures by scholars and authors.

The graduate program provides students with the opportunity to perfect their competence in the four language skills (comprehension, speaking, reading and writing) and the chance to gather anecdotes from their daily immersion in a country’s culture. Through both formal instruction and informal contacts with people, participants will gain a cultural and linguistic understanding of Spanish. The directors and teaching faculty are all experienced academic tour leaders who understand the importance of a solid but pleasant academic experience.

In response to requests from graduate students and Spanish teachers alike, this program was created to offer summer study abroad at the graduate level in the areas of Hispanic literatures, cultures and linguistics. Each summer, the Department of Foreign Languages offers an alternative pathway towards completion of the master’s degree in Spanish. This six-week graduate program in Mexico, Spain, Central or South America combines a cultural tour with a month of intensive classes. Participants fully immerse themselves in a specific Spanish-speaking country and its culture, customs and history so that can in turn share their knowledge and experiences with others.

Students can finish all 27 units of coursework in as little as three summers, and then complete the 3-unit culminating requirement the following fall or spring semester (comprehensive exam) to earn their master’s degree. Some students may elect to take courses over four summers or even skip one summer during that time.

The Summer 2014 program will take place in wondrous Peru, ancestral land of the Incas. Clinging to the Andes Mountains and nestled in-between the Amazon rainforest and a parched desert, Peru is a colorful land with more than 5,000 years of history and so different from anything you have ever seen that it will feel like another planet to you. Our cultural tour will begin in Lima, before we head off to Cuzco, the ancient Inca capital and our gateway to Machu Picchu, which we will visit over a two-day period. This will be followed by a visit to Puno and beautiful Lake Titicaca in the southeast and then a stop at the impressive Colca Canyon. After our month of classes in Arequipa, there will be a final three-day trip that includes a visit to the ancient Nazca lines, still considered to be among the world’s greatest remaining archeological mysteries.

NOTE: Our travel in Peru will be physically strenuous at times due to altitudes reaching as high as 15,000 feet and accompanied by dry and often cold temperatures. Students should consult with their physicians regarding how to best prepare for such conditions, especially the flight from Lima (sea level) to Cuzco (11,000 feet).

Arequipa – affectionately known as the Ciudad Blanca due to the pearl-colored rock used to make its buildings – is a hustling, bustling metropolis of nearly one million people and is the second largest in Peru behind Lima. Surrounded by high snow-capped volcanoes such as El Misti, it lies at an altitude of 7,368 feet in the Andes in the southwestern part of the country. Its historic downtown was named an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 and will delight you with its glorious neoclassical Cathedral, Main Square and many outdoor cafes.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying to the Sacramento State Master of Arts in Spanish program, please send a photocopy of your Spanish and linguistic coursework to the graduate coordinator in the Department of Foreign Languages for an evaluation of your prerequisites prior to officially applying. At a later date, you will have to officially apply to Sacramento State as a graduate student and enroll in the summer graduate program.
If program prerequisites are met, then a formal application must be sent to the graduate coordinator and must include the following in a large envelope:

• A brief cover letter followed by a 1-page statement of purpose written in English or Spanish
• A five-page writing sample in Spanish (from any previous coursework) graded by an instructor
• Two letters of recommendation if you did not complete your bachelor’s degree at Sacramento State
• One sealed copy of your official transcripts

Send to:

Dr. Joseph Klucas
Graduate Coordinator in Spanish
Dept. of Foreign Languages
Sacramento State
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6087

For more admissions information and application deadlines please visit

Please be advised, you will have to officially apply online to Sacramento State as a graduate student to enroll in the program via Fall 2014 CSUMentor access.

If you are a returning student or have just been accepted into the master’s program, you may fill out and mail the Travel Study application and deposit to:

CCE Credit Registration
College of Continuing Education
3000 State University Drive East
Sacramento, CA 95819-6103

Click here for more information about the Master of Arts in Spanish Program.


For questions regarding the Master of Arts in Spanish and application process, contact:

Dr. Joseph Klucas
Graduate Coordinator in Spanish
(916) 278-6652

For questions regarding the Peru 2014 program, contact:

Dr. Edward Baranowski
Faculty Coordinator
(916) 278-6336

Summer Program Cost

The total cost of the program is $8,325*. This includes the 14-day cultural tour (double occupancy in all hotels plus two daily meals), 0-6 units of academic credit, homestay in Arequipa (double occupancy), all transportation and excursions within Peru, fees, and tour guides.

Students arrange and pay for their own airline reservations to and from Peru, which are not included in the cost of the program. Students should plan on arriving in Lima on Saturday, June 21 and schedule their departure for any time on Monday, August 4. Booking well in advance will get the best rates. The reason for the slightly earlier start date this year is the Inti Raymi festival in Cuzco on June 24.

Application Deadlines and Financial Commitment

In order to reserve a place in the program, a deposit of $2,500 payable to Sacramento State should accompany each participant’s application, to be postmarked no later than February 1, 2014.

February 1, 2014: $2,500 deposit plus application due

March 15, 2014: Second payment of $2,500 due

April 30, 2014: Final payment of $3,325 due (for a total of $8,325*)

*tentative cost, subject to change

The College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State will not permit any logistical or financial deviations to the fee structure or travel schedule for the Peru graduate program. All participants will pay the same program costs, except when additional units (beyond the six units) are earned. Participants must travel to and from the destinations on the scheduled dates and participate in the homestay as well as all official tour activities.

Personal Conduct
Participants will be held to the same level of conduct as stipulated in Sacramento State’s Student Conduct Code. At the director’s discretion, participants who are disruptive or dangerous to the group will be asked to leave at their own expense.

Cancellation up to February 15, 2014: All but $150 of amount received will be refunded.
Cancellation after February 15, 2014: All but $500 of amount received will be refunded.
Cancellation after June 2, 2014: No refund (unless a replacement for the participant can be found).

There will be no refund for unused portions of the program. Sacramento State is only responsible for providing instruction and academic support, and the program director reserves the right to cancel or substitute program sites should the necessity arise. Participants will be given the option to participate at the substitute site, though if they choose not to, all payments will be refunded in full.

Academic Credit
Program fees include up to six units of academic credit transferable to most accredited universities. Participants may enroll in an additional three units for an additional fee of $450 per unit (for a total of $1,350).

All payments and paperwork from students who have already been accepted to the program should be submitted to:

Lori May
Travel Study Programs
College of Continuing Education
3000 State University Drive East
Sacramento, CA 95819-6103
(916) 278-4804




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