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From Dr. Joseph Klucas

Spanish Major "Roadmap": The Pathway to Earning a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish

We are certain that your academic experience with us will enhance and broaden your interest in Hispanic Studies. Our Bachelor of Arts is a balanced program of studies which covers Spanish language, literature and culture. Our graduates are well-prepared to pursue the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Spanish, to apply to the Master of Arts Program in Spanish, and to enhance employment possibilities in other related fields such as government service, business, criminal justice, social work, nursing and foreign affairs.

Spanish Major/Minor Coordinator:
Prof. Joseph A. Klucas
Office: Mariposa 2033
Office Phone: (916) 278-6652
Dept. Phone : (916) 278-6333

Orientation for Freshmen and Transfer Students

The Spanish area of the Department of Foreign Languages offers a minor in Spanish, the B.A. degree and the M.A. degree. For a B.A. degree in Spanish, in addition to the required General Education courses, a total of 42 units of course work in language, literature and culture must be taken for the Spanish major. The major in Spanish also requires that the student pursue a minor, usually an additional 18 to 20 units, in another field of interest, such as English, French, German, Italian or Education.


If you have had 1 year of high school Spanish, then plan to take 2nd semester Span 1B, Elementary Spanish, or Span 1C, Intensive Beginning Spanish.
If 2 years, then take Span 2A, Intermediate Spanish.
If 3 years, then take Span 2B, Intermediate Spanish.
If 4 years, then take Span 42, Conversation in Spanish and Span 47, Intro to Comp & Gram Review.

Note: CSUS Equivalents for High School Advanced Placement Exam in Spanish:
A score of 3 = Span 2A
A score of 4 = Span 2B
A score of 5 = Span 42 & 47

Freshmen and Transfer Students

Spanish 1A, 1B or 1C, 2A and 2B, or their equivalent, must be completed consecutively at the community college or university level before any advanced level (upper division) courses may be taken. For example, if you have taken two semesters of elementary Spanish at a community college, then you should continue here at CSUS with the 3rd semester, Span 2A.

Once students have completed Span 2B, Intermediate Spanish, or the equivalent, most will then complete their required 6 units of electives for the major by taking Span 47, Composition and Grammar Review, along with Span 42, Conversation, or perhaps Span 47, along with Span 121, Spanish for Professionals. Keep in mind that Span 47 is a prerequisite to Span 100, Intro to Hispanic Literature.

If you have the time during your first semester and wish to take one or two additional upper division courses, along with say Span 47 and Span 121, you might want to take Span 142, Advanced Conversation (fall only), and/or Ling 130, Intro to Linguistics. Or you might want to start the course work in your minor.

Here is a recommended sample Spanish Major pathway for Transfer Students to CSUS who have completed the equivalent of four semesters of lower division Spanish language coursework.


It is important for all Spanish majors to choose an advisor, which may be any full-time professor, to guide them throughout their program. The following is a list of current Spanish faculty and their areas of specialization:

Prof. Edward Baranowski Language and Linguistics
Prof. Maria Mayberry Language and Linguistics
Prof. Fausto Avendano Peninsular Spanish Literature
Prof. Mariela Santana-Sastre Peninsular Spanish Literature
Prof. Mario Blanc Latin American Literature
Prof. Wilfido Corral Latin American Literature
Prof. Joseph A. Klucas Civilization and Culture of Spain
Prof. Jorge Santana Civilization and Culture of Mexico
Prof. Kathy Moore Language and Student Teacher Supervision

Important Contacts:

Prof. Wilfrido Corral, Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages
Office: MRP 2051; Phone: 278-4998 or 278-6333

Prof. Joseph A. Klucas, Spanish Major/Minor Coordinator
Office: MRP 2033; Phone: 278-6652 or Main Office: 278-6333

Prof. Edward Baranowski, Spanish Area Head, Graduate Student Advisor for M.A. Program, and
Director of Summer Programs to Mexico, Spain and Costa Rica
Office: MRP 2039; Phone: 278-6336 or Main Office: 278-6333

Prof. Kathy Moore, Supervisor of the Spanish Single Subject Credential Program
Office: MRP 2029; Phone: 278-6336 or Main Office: 278-6333

Monica Freeman, Coordinator Overseas Programs-Office of Global Education
Office: Lassen 2304; Phone: 278-6686

We hope that you will be joining us for the academic experience of a lifetime!

Dr. Joseph A. Klucas
Professor of Spanish
Spanish Major/Minor Coordinator
Dept. of Foreign Languages
Sacramento State University
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6087


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