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At Sacramento State, we are committed to the growth development, retention and graduation of our students.

The Faculty Student Mentor Program (FSMP) is one of several educational equity programs designed to provide students with the academic support and encouragement needed to accomplish their educational goals.The Faculty Student Mentor Program is designed to offer academic and personal support to students from traditionally low-income communities.

Faculty and Peer Mentors are key elements to goal attainment. Teams of faculty and peer mentors from the respective Colleges assist the students in integrating into campus life and assist their development as scholars in their academic major.

The teams may organize study sessions and give assistance by providing advice and referrals to advisors within the departments and other on campus resources. The teams also plan activities supportive of the students’ interests and needs. The students are matched with Faculty and Peer Mentors by academic major.

The program structure of the FSMP varies in each College. However, all components seek to strengthen and sustain students in their educational and career goals and to help make college an exciting, fulfilling and successful experience.
[The Program is funded by Lottery and contributions from ASI]