Peer Mentors

Sacramento State's Student Affairs Division launched the Peer Mentor program during 2002-2003 as a collaborative effort with Academic Affairs' FYE program to help first-time students make the challenging transition to college life.  Over the past 11 years, the program has grown from a team of 5, to 39 peer mentors serving between 1200-1300 first year students in fall 2012 (note that the EOP program utilizes Instructional Student Assistants rather than Peer Mentors, so none of the EOP FYE seminars or Learning Communities has a Peer Mentor).

Students who enroll in a University First Year Seminar and/or Learning Community, have an assigned peer mentor.  Peer mentors (sophomores, juniors, seniors, or graduate students who have often have experienced FYE themselves) assist first year students by serving as an academic peer advisor, a resource to the campus and community, and a mentor to assist with the transition to Sacramento State.  Peer Mentors collaborate with FYE faculty to enhance the classroom experience for students; they also attend at least one class session each week.  These relationships help to establish positive first year experiences, improve morale, expand the quality of service, and foster a stronger connection to and engagement with the campus community, ultimately working synergistically with other components of FYE to increase the retention and graduation rate of FYE participants.

For more information on the peer mentor program, visit the academic advising link.