Torchlight | Spring 2014

President's Message

President Gonzalez
 President Alexander Gonzalez

The end of the school year gives us the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and recognize those who have helped our students succeed.

First of all, I want to thank all of you. Your support is helping Sacramento State reach new heights.

From the Dean’s Award recipients and campus programs we are profiling in this issue of Torchlight, to your ongoing involvement with Sacramento State, the evidence of your positive impact is enormous.

Thanks to you, we have opened new labs, created new scholarships and united as a community like never before—and our students are the beneficiaries. One point really illustrated this idea for me.

Virtually every year, we set a new record for the number of students who apply to attend Sacramento State. But that only tells half the story. We also recently set a new record for students joining our Alumni Association at our annual spring Grad Fest, which is attended by soon-to-be graduates. In fact, we exceeded the previous record by more than 20 percent.

This tells me that we are not only more attractive as a University, but we are also making such a difference in our students’ lives that they want to remain engaged with us after they graduate.

I deeply appreciate everyone who made this achievement possible for Sacramento State, and I look forward to an even brighter future for our campus.


Alexander Gonzalez