Torchlight | Spring 2014

Scholarships keep the music playing

 Taylor Haugland, recipient of the 2013-14 Nick Anguilo Scholarship, 
 was named the outstanding senior in the Department of Music.

Nick Angiulo understands the dedication it takes to excel in music. He taught high school music in Sacramento for 33 years before joining the Sac State faculty. Several years ago one of his former Kennedy High School students, Tracy Stein, began raising money to honor Angiulo at a band reunion. A parent organization at Kennedy put together a bingo night and after retiring, Angiulo himself chipped in to help establish a scholarship for future music teachers.

The Nicholas Angiulo Scholarship was awarded to Taylor Haugland in 2013-14. The bassoonist was named the outstanding senior in the music department and she plans to begin work toward her teaching credential in the fall with plans to teach at any level—from elementary school to high school students.

“(Angiulo) was a longtime band director and he is still involved with music competitions and local high schools, so it was really neat to get a scholarship with his name on it,” Haugland says.

“It really started with a past student who understood the needs of college students and what it takes for them to get through school these days,” Angiulo says. “I felt compelled to get involved and it’s been very rewarding.”

The origins vary, but scholarship support definitely makes a difference in the Department of Music.

A passionate music instructor, inspiration from a former student and a successful bingo night helped establish Angiulo’s scholarship.

A nearly forgotten bank account, a tight band of fraternity brothers and the legacy of a paternal professor led to another.

The Alpha Sigma Phi Paschal Monk Scholarship is one of many privately funded gifts helping current students excel in the music field. Monk was a professor at Sac State and a revered faculty advisor assigned to the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

“He put up with a bunch of us and we had unanimous support from our fraternity brothers to do something in honor of Mr. Monk,” says Jack Jenkins ’64 (History).

More than 50 years ago, the fraternity members made small deposits in a bank account for a planned fraternity house that never came to be. The sum continued to grow until it was donated to Sac State to establish the scholarship endowment and thanks to additional donations, has grown to more than $100,000.

Molly Redfield received the Paschal Monk Scholarship in 2013. The freshman plays the bass, which allows her to explore just about every genre of music.

“Receiving a scholarship definitely makes you feel like the University is supporting you and the community is supporting you,” Redfield says.

“I play in the marching band, both wind ensembles and with concert, orchestra and jazz groups. The community comes out and sees us play and it’s nice to see that support. It’s an honor, and it allows us to pursue our passions.”

Private support is crucial for music students, who must put in many extra hours to hone their instrumental skills.

“The life of a music student is studying, performing and, most importantly, practicing,” says Ernie Hills, chair of the music department. “Many students have to work and go to school and when they’re working, that can be a real impediment for them as musicians. So every dime of scholarship support alleviates the need for them to work and it’s an essential thing for a lot of our students.”

Throughout the music program, private support is making an impact. Emeritus professor Ron Holloway supports the department with a scholarship and additional program funding. The Robert Dinsmore Award, the Joseph Harris Endowment, the Ann Miller Scholarship and the Margaret Cossey Scholarship are all giving students much-needed financial assistance.

“Because of our outreach into the community and our ability to attract people to campus for events and performances they really appreciate what we provide for the Sacramento community,” Hills says. “They’re excited to become involved and they’ve been willing to support us.”

To give a gift to support music programs at Sacramento State, contact Kevin Gonzalez at (916) 278-6290