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Impact of Giving

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With support from industry partners Schweitzer Engineering and Power Pros, Sac State opened a new Protection Relay Testing and Real-Time Simulations Lab. 

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Innovation for California and beyond

The push for new technologies continues to advance at a breakneck pace. To keep up, the state needs a workforce that is ready to tackle the country’s demand for fast, effective and secure communication. 

The College of Engineering and Computer Science offers a hands-on academic program that educates the engineers who advance the well-being of the region and the community. The College partners with industry to develop technology businesses, helping to elevate the economy and ensuring that the Sacramento area remains a vital force in the state and the country. 

In the College of Engineering and Computer Science, your gift makes an immediate difference for our students by providing:

  • Students the opportunity to work as mentors for first- and second-year students, helping them navigate challenging foundational coursework
  • Scholarships that help defray the costs of living and tuition, as our engineering and computer science students’ ability to work is impacted by the rigorous demands of intense studies and time-consuming group projects.
  • Resources for faculty to collaborate with other institutions on emerging theories in the industry, thus enhancing the teaching they bring back into their classrooms.

For more information about giving to the College of Engineering and Computer Science, please contact:

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