Political Science Department Faculty

Spring 2018 Office Hours

Full-Time Faculty

James Cox, Ph.D., Department Chair & Professor

Dr. James Cox

Tahoe Hall 3104

Phone: 916-278-6202

Email: jhcox@csus.edu

Courses: Basic Issues in American Government

David Andersen-Rodgers, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dr. David Andersen-Rodgers

 Tahoe Hall 3119

Phone: 916-278-7095

Email: david.andersen@csus.edu

Courses: American Foreign Policy, Introduction to International Politics, Causes of War, Causes of Peace, Topics in Human Security. Theories of International Relations, Research Methods in International Studies, International Peacebuilding



Mark Brown, Ph.D., Professor

Dr. Mark Brown

 Tahoe Hall 3124

Phone: 916-278-6430

Email: mark.brown@csus.edu

Personal Homepage: www.csus.edu/indiv/b/brownm

Courses:  Political Thought II, American Political Thought, Democratic Theory, Science, Technology, and Politics, Specialized Studies in Political Theory

Patrick Cannon, Ph.D., Professor

Office: Tahoe Hall 3113

Phone: 916-278-4529

Email: pcannon@csus.edu

Courses:  World Politics, International Political Economy, Politics of Globalization, African Politics

William Dillon, Ph.D., Professor

Office: Tahoe Hall 3122

Phone: 916-278-7098 (no voicemail)

Email: no email

Courses:  Meaning of Government, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Rights and Liberties.

Brian DiSarro, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator and Associate Professor

Dr. Brian DiSarro

Office: Tahoe Hall 3115

Phone: 916-278-3572

Email: disarrob@csus.edu 

Courses:  American Government, American Political Development, California State & Local Government, Comparative State Government, Research Methods in Political Science, Gay & Lesbian Politics, Method and Scope in Political Science, Comparative State Government

Bahman Fozouni, Ph.D., Professor

Dr. Bahman Fozouni

Office: Tahoe Hall 3116 (On Leave Fall 2017)

Phone: 916-278-7254

Email: fozounib@csus.edu

Courses:  International Politics, Middle East Governments & Politics, Nationalism, Introduction to Research Methods, Theories of International Relations, Research Methods, Middle East and the United States.

Charles Gossett, Ph.D., Professor

Andrew Hertzoff, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: Tahoe Hall 3009

Phone: 916-278-3495

Email: ahertzof@csus.edu

Courses:  Political Thought I, Political Thought II, American Political Thought, Just War, Natural Right and the Law of Peoples, Greek Political Thought, Shaping the Modern World, Elements of Law, Politics of Genocide, American Political Institutions, Political Theory

Wesley Hussey, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dr. Wesley Hussey

 Tahoe Hall 3120

Phone: 916-278-3849

Email: whussey@csus.edu

Courses:  American Government, California State & Local Government, Legislative Process, Research Methods in Political Science

Nancy Lapp, Ph.D., Professor

Dr. Nancy Lapp

 Tahoe Hall 3116

Phone: 916-278-7254

Email: nlapp@csus.edu

Courses:  World Politics, International Politics, Comparative Government and Politics, Latin American Politics

Young-Im Lee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: Tahoe Hall 3008

Phone: 916-278-7090

Email: young-im.lee@csus.edu

Courses:  World Politics, Women and Politics in Contemporary America

Danielle Joesten Martin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Dr. Danielle Martin

 Tahoe Hall 3110

Phone: 916-278-6380

Email: danielle.martin@csus.edu

Personal Homepage: http://www.csus.edu/faculty/m/danielle.martin/index.html

Courses:  Research Methods in Political Science, American Governments, Pressure Groups & Lobbying.

Kimberly Nalder, Ph.D.,Professor

Dr. Kimberly Nalder

 Tahoe Hall 3121

Phone: 916-278-6693

Email: klnalder@csus.edu

Personal Homepage:  http://www.csus.edu/indiv/n/nalderk/

Courses:  Essentials of Government, Media and Politics, Mass Media and American Politics, Women and Politics, Policy, Process, and Behavior, Public Opinion.

Robert Stanley Oden, Ph.D., Professor

Dr. Robert Stanley Oden

 Tahoe Hall 3112

Phone: 916-278-7099

Email: rso@csus.edu

Courses:  Politics of the Underrepresented, Introduction to Urban Politics, California State and Local Government

Monicka Patterson-Tutschka, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dr. Monicka Patterson-Tutschka

 Tahoe Hall 3114

Phone: 916-278-6330

Email: mbpatter@csus.edu

Courses:  Current Political Thought, Modern Political Thought, Hobbes and his Interpreters, Ideas in Context: the English civil war, American Government.

James DeShaw Rae, Ph.D., Professor

Dr. James DeShaw Rae

 Tahoe Hall 3123 (On Leave Fall 2017)

Phone: 916-278-7866

Email: rae@csus.edu

Personal Homepage: http://www.csus.edu/faculty/R/rae/index.html

Courses: Introduction to World Politics, Elements of International Law, International Organization, Government and Politics of Asia, China: Politics of Rule and Change, Nationalism, International Organization.

Christopher Towler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: Tahoe Hall 3117

Phone: 916-278-4012

Email: towler@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government, Politics of the Underrepresented

Political Science Department Lecturers

Cameron Billeci, M.A.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: cbilleci@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government

Rebecca Britton, Ph.D.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: rbritton@saclink.csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government

Peter Davies, Ph.D.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3118

Phone: 916-278-6378

Email: pradavies@aol.com or prad@csus.edu

Courses:  World Politics, International Politics, American Foreign Policy, Government & Politics in Europe, American Governments

Robert Friedman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Office: Tahoe Hall 3123

Phone: 916-278-7866

Email: friedmanr@csus.edu

Personal Homepage: http://www.csus.edu/indiv/f/friedman/ 

Courses:  Essentials of Government

Mario Guerrero

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: mario.guerrero@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government

H. James Harper, M.A.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: j.harper@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government

Valerie Higgins

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: LawHiggins@comcast.net

Courses:  Essentials of Government, California State & Local Government

Keith Hodson

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: Keith.hodson@csus.edu

Courses:  Politics, Opinion and Participation

Steven Iverson, M.A., J.D.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3118

Phone: 916-278-6378

Email: siverson@csus.edu

Courses:  Meaning of Government, U.N. Simulation

Daniel T. Kirsch, Ph.D.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 610-283-1836

Email: kirsch@csus.edu

Courses:  American Governments, Mass Media and American Politics

Adam Kunz

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: adam.kunz@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government

Vince Latino, M.A.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605 

Email: vlatino@csus.edu

Courses:  California State and Local Government, Senate Fellows

Richard Launey, M.A.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: rlauney@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government

Joshua Pryor, Ph.D.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: joshua.pryor@csus.edu

Courses:  World Politics, American Governments, Theories of IR

John Rosskopf, M.A. 

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: jrosskopf@att.net

Courses:  Essentials of Government

Maria Sampanis, Ph.D., Coordinator of Internships & Sacramento Semester Program

Office: Tahoe Hall 3101

Phone: 916-278-6673

Email: sampanis@csus.edu

Courses:  Honors Government, Intelligence and Espionage.

David Selby, Ph.D.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: david.selby@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government, American Political Thought, American Governments.

Janice Shiu, Ph.D.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: janice.shiu@csus.edu

Courses:  American Governments, World Politics.

Wade Smith

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: wade.smith@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government

Bruce Snyder, J.D., Ph.D.

Office: Tahoe Hall 3123

Phone: 916-278-7866

Email: bsnyder@csus.edu

Courses:  American Governments, Political Parties in America, California State and Local Government, Assembly Fellows.

Michael Wadlé, Internships & Sacramento Semester Program

Office: Tahoe Hall 3101

Phone: 916-278-6673

Email: wadlem@csus.edu

Peter Zubof

Office: Tahoe Hall 3001

Phone: 916-278-3605

Email: peter.zubof@csus.edu

Courses:  Essentials of Government