Wesley Hussey

Institution where doctorate degree was earned:

University of California, Los Angeles

Brief biography

Wesley Hussey grew up in Orange County, California, and earned his bachelor's degrees at UC Irvine in Political Science and International Studies. He then went onto UCLA to study American Politics with several noted scholars, including Kathleen Bawn, Timothy Groseclose, and John Zaller. Wesley's dissertation examined an unusual voting alliance in Congress between liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans, which he dubbed the Coalition of Extremes. After earning his doctorate and then teaching at UCLA, Professor Hussey joined Sacramento State in the Fall of 2008.

Areas of research and interests:

The broad intersection between elections, voting, and political institutions, the political left and right voting together, and its implications for understanding American politics, California Politics, Elections & Voting, Ideology, and Legislative Politics.

Undergraduate courses:

American Government, California State & Local Government, Legislative Process, Research Methods in Political Science.

Graduate courses:

California State & Local Government.

E-mail: whussey@csus.edu
Phone number: (916) 278-3849