Pre-Graduate Workshops

California State University, Sacramento
Graduate Diversity Program Presents:

SACRAMENTO STATE INVITES YOU to the culminating event of the President’s Committee to Build Campus Unity and looks forward to the future with a celebration of community. Students, faculty and staff will perform creative works to inspire our campus and build unity.

  • How to Be In It to Win It: Steps to Follow to as an Undergraduate That Will Help you Become a Successful Graduate School Applicant
  • Why Attend Graduate School: Choosing a Graduate Program & Everything You Need to Know About Graduate School
  • How to Apply to Graduate School: Deadlines, Requirements, & Writing a Personal Statement
  • GRE Preparation: Quantitative Reasoning
  • GRE Preparation: Verbal Reasoning

Financing Graduate Education
Attending Graduate School Free; Grants & Scholarships
Financial Aid Information (e.g. loans, career development support)
Graduate Appointments (Unit 11- GA, TA, ISA)

So You Think You Want A Ph.D.?
Going from an undergraduate to the Ph.D.
Resources Available

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