Applicants with Foreign Documents


We accept applications from all countries. Some countries have specific requirements, please see the Specific Countries list. If your country is not listed, then please continue on to other required documents.

**Sacramento State will ONLY accept evaluations from World Educational Services (WES). Applicants have the option of having WES or Sacramento State evaluate their documents.  The University will do evaluations only for applicants that have filed an on-line application, paid the application fee and submitted the documents as directed in the required documents section or the Specific Country List of this webpage.  Applicants electing to have WES do the evaluation, do so at their own expense.  The university will not reimburse applicants.

On campus evaluations can take 6-8 weeks to complete after all required documents have been received.**

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants who attended foreign institutions are required to submit foreign documents one month prior to application deadline, in order to allow time for foreign credential evaluation.

Please use our Request for Academic Records form when requesting your transcripts.

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are for domestic U.S. applicants (US Citizens, Resident Aliens or H visa) with foreign documents only. Foreign/International students (F or J Visas) must apply through International Admissions. Do NOT fill out the general graduate studies application as it will slow down your application process.