Steps to Graduation

In preparation for graduation, The Office of Graduate Studies is providing you with some basic steps to ensure you have met all the requirements to successfully complete the Masters and Doctorate Program here at California State University, Sacramento.

  1. Complete the GWAR Requirement.
  2. Submit an Advancement to Candidacy.
    1. Complete a Petition for Exception if you have made changes to initial Advancement to Candidacy.
    2. Complete a Petition for Currency if you have courses seven (7) years old or older on your Advancement to Candidacy.
  3. Check with your department to guarantee you have met all of their graduation requirements.
  4. Maintain Continuous Enrollment through the semester of graduation.
  5. Complete Application for Graduation.
    1. Move Graduation Date (If changing your graduation date after initial submission of Application for Graduation.)
  6. Plan for Commencement: Spring 2016 Pre-Commencement Flyer
  7. Submit your unbound Thesis/Project/Dissertation to your department for review and signatures.
  8. Submit your unbound Thesis/Project/Dissertation to The Office of Graduate Studies and upload the electronic versions to Scholarworks (during the posted check-in times).
    1. Submit paid Binding Receipt Form
    2. Submit three (3) Thesis/Project/Dissertation Receipt Forms
    3. Submit Thesis/Project/Dissertation workshop certificate
  9. Clear all holds from your student record.
  10. For commencement requirements visit

As a reminder: RP to CR grades will post 10-12 weeks after the semester conferral date, therefore degrees will post 10-12 weeks after semester conferral date.