Guardian Scholars Advisory Committee

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Foundation for Success

The Guardian Scholars Advisory Committee serves to guide the program's development and direction. Certain members also assist in raising funds to support the various academic and day-to-day needs of our students. The committee is composed of primarly Sacramento State staff, faculty, and student representatives. Our students also benefit from a number of community members who are equally determined in seeing that our students have access to the resources necessary to fulfill their dreams. A strong representation of staff and faculty provides an excellent opportunity to build a network of campus support services. The result is kind of "one-stop shopping" designed to ease the navigation of university life and the plethora of resources it offers.

GS Advisory Committee


Adabel Franco-Martinez
Alicia Blanco
Beth Merritt Miller
Brigitte Clark
Brittany Chamalbide
Carlotta Moore
Chevelle Newsome
Charles Cole
Charlotte Van Wagner
Cheryl Miles
Coretta Diggs
Doug Barnett
Dale Russell
Donna Gillott-Monsoor
Diamond Law
Ed Mills
Harry Do
Heidi van Beek
Joni Pitcl
Joy Salvetti
Judy Dean
Karen Grace-Kaho
Kathy Dresslar
Kevin Gonzalez
Laurie Bisset-Grady
Linda Zall
Michael Contreras
Peggy Luers
Rene Reis
Sai Xiong
Shelia Macias
Steve Kyriakis