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Office: ALP-112

Timothy Capron


B.A.:  Midwestern University - English
M.A.:  University of Northern Colorado - Psychology Guidance and Counseling
Ph.D.:  Sam Houston University - Criminology Administration


Criminology, Deviant behavior, Security, Police and Administration,  Leadership and Management


Capron, Timothy A. (with Lieutenant Colonel James W. Vizzard, United States Army) “Exporting General Petraeus’ Counterinsurgency Doctrine: An Assessment of the Adequacy of FM 3-24 and the U.S. Government’s Implementation” May/June 2010, Public Administration Review, Volume 70, No. 3, 485-491.  This article assesses whether or not the implementation of the approach advocated by the new field manual on Counterinsurgency.  It concludes that it vastly improved the situation and stabilized the country, providing Iraq a chance to survive and perhaps thrive.