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Phone: 916.278.7529

Office: ALP-104

Tim Croisdale, Associate Professor


B.A.:  University of the Fraser Valley
M.S.:  California State University, Sacramento - Criminal Justice
Ph.D.:  Simon Fraser University - Criminology


Crime Science:  crime and intelligence analysis; crime mapping; crime data visualization; prolific offenders; co-offending networks; patterns in crime; data analysis.

Crime Reduction: crime reduction initiatives and initiative components.

Crime Data & Statistics: understanding increases and decreases in crime rates and factors that affect crime rates.

Policing: crime analysis; crime reduction; evidence-based policing;  information-led policing; leadership development training.

Corrections: effective rehabilitation programs and systems; measuring recidivism; factors affecting rehabilitation, recidivism, and crime rates; leadership development training.

Public Policy: policy analysis; research and evaluation; expert testimony.