Academic Council


The Academic Council is one of the standing committees of the College of Health and Human Services. Its purpose is to:

  • Review curriculum, course and program proposals and recommend approval,denial or edits/changes of course and program proposals initiated by any academic unit within the CHHS.
  • Act as a liaison and an official channel for communication between CHHS faculty and the Dean's office on CHHS academic council  matters.
  • Deliberate, study and make recommendations to the Dean on issues of Academic policy upon initiation for consideration by academic units, the college or the university.
  • Prior to consideration, the council will determine if the issue is an academic matter, defined as a matter significantly affecting the pedagogical quality of education, teaching, instruction and learning.Issues that are not academic in nature will be referred to the appropriate committee for consideration.
  • Fulfill all charges as mandated within the By Laws of the Faculty Senate and the University Policy Manual.