Athletic Training Education Program Curriculum

Course Title Units
A. Required Core (17 units)
BIO 22 Introductory Human Anatomy (4)
BIO 131 Systemic Physiology (4)
KINS 151 Kinesiology (3)
KINS 151A Biomechanics (3)
KINS 152 Physiology of Exercise (3)
B. Required Lower Division Units (18 Units)
BIO 10 Basic Biological Concepts (3)
CHEM 6A Introduction to General Chemistry OR (5)
CHEM 1A General Chemistry (5)
FACS 10 Nutrition & Wellness (3)
NURS 14 Pharmacology (2)
CHEM 6B Intro to Organic & Biochemistry OR (5)
CHEM 1B General Chemistry (5)
C. Required Upper Division Courses (42-45 units)
KINS 144 Analysis of Weight Training (2)
KINS 154A Principles & Techniques in a Clinical Setting (3)
KINS 154B Management & Health Care Administration in AT (even fall) (3)
KINS 154C Therapeutic Modalities and Rehabilitation (odd fall) (1)
KINS 155A Clinical Evaluation of the Upper Extremity (2)
KINS 155B Clinical Evaluation of the Lower Extremity (2)
KINS 156 Care of Athletic Injuries (3)
KINS 156A Emergency Response (spring only) (2)
KINS 157 Therapeutic Exercise (3)
KINS 160 Sport & Exercise Psychology (3)
KINS 194H Assigned Field Experience in Athletic Training (1-3)
KINS 195C Observation in Athletic Training (Phase I) (1-2)
KINS 195D Practicum in Athletic Training (Phase II) (4)
KINS 195D Practicum in Athletic Training (Phase III) (4)
KINS 195D Practicum in Athletic Training (Phase IV) (4)
KINS 195D Practicum in Athletic Training (Phase V) (4)

* Current requirements subject to change, see Program Director for advising

Transfer students with extensive experience have the opportunity for advanced placement based on prerequisites and a bypass exam, see the handbook for details and contact the Program Director.

Athletic Training and Teaching Credential
Students are encouraged to earn a teaching credential, see Program Director for details. Athletic Training students interested in teaching must meet the California Teaching Commission Standards prior to entrance into a credential program. Courses to meet the standards can be taken concurrently with the Athletic Training courses. See Program Director for appropriate coursework.