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Department Of Kinesiology And Health Science

Graduate Program Classification Status

To determine classification status, students should refer to the letters/documents received from the CSUS Graduate Center and from the Graduate Coordinator upon acceptance into the program. Contact the Graduate Coordinator if clarification is needed.

Fully Classified Status

A student who meets all the admission criteria will be admitted into the Master of Science Kinesiology Graduate Program as fully classified and may proceed to take graduate courses without limitations.

Conditionally Classified Status

A student may be admitted to the Master of Science in Kinesiology Graduate Program with conditions when a limited number of prerequisites have not been met, such as completion of upper division statistics or the WPE. Students may enroll in graduate courses, but must enroll in the prerequisites within two semesters. Upon completion of the conditions, submit a reclassification form and the appropriate information to the Graduate Coordinator. The signed form will be submitted to the Graduate Center.

Unclassified Status

A student may be admitted to the University, but not to the Master of Science in Kinesiology Graduate Program, when several prerequisites have not been met (such as the lack of an undergraduate major or minor in Physical Education or Kinesiology completed within the last 7 years).

Admission to the University in unclassified status implies no guarantee of future admission to the Graduate Program in classified status.

Unclassified students should confer with the Graduate Coordinator every semester prior to registering for prerequisite classes. No prerequisite courses may be applied to credit in the graduate program. Only in rare instances, and with the Graduate Coordinator's approval, may an unclassified student take graduate courses. Students should never take graduate courses for which they have not completed the prerequisites. No more than 6 units of courses taken as an unclassified student may be applied to credit in the graduate program. When prerequisites are completed, students may re-apply to the program through the CSUS Graduate Studies Office.