Exercise Science Option

Bachelor of Science - Exercise Science Concentration
Exercise Science Option

Units required for Major: 74-78
Minimum total units for the BS: 120

Note: Additional units may be required to meet the Sacramento State foreign language requirement.

The Exercise Science option prepares students for graduate work in the areas of exercise and sport science, as well as for careers in personal training, cardiac rehabilitation, wellness, fitness consulting in business/industry and health clubs, and other paramedical and health related fields.

Please see the University Catalog for the most up to date cirriculum requirements for this program.

Note: Other elective courses can be used with the permission of an advisor.

For information on transferring course credits from a California public community college or university, visit www.assist.org.

Roberto Quintana, Coordinator
Roberto Quintana,
Exercise Science Coordinator

Solano Hall 2014
Phone: 916-278-4495
Send an Email   quintana@csus.edu

Rodney Imamura, Advisor
Rodney Imamura,
Exercise Science Advisor

Solano Hall 1030D
Phone: 916-278-7477
Send an Email   rimamura@csus.edu

Daryl Parker, Advisor
Daryl Parker,
Exercise Science Advisor

Solano Hall 2012
Phone: 916-278-6902
Send an Email   parkerd@csus.edu

David Mandeville, Advisor
David Mandeville,
Exercise Science Advisor

Solano Hall 1030C
Phone: 916-278-5411
Send an Email   dmandeville@csus.edu

Harry theodorides
Harry Theodorides,
Strength and Conditioning

Solano Hall 4025
Phone: 916-278-5051
Send an Email   theodor@csus.edu

William Edwards,
Exercise Science Advisor

Solano Hall 3012
Phone: 916-278-5617
Send an Email   edwardsb@csus.edu