Physical Education Blended Credential Option

Julie Kuehl-Kitchen

Julie Kuehl-Kitchen

Blended Credential Coordinator

Office: Solano 4042
Phone: 916-278-4022

Bachelor of Science - Physical Education
Blended Credential Option

Units required for Major: 66 - 75
All of which must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.
Minimum total units for the BS: 120

Note: Additional units may be required to meet the Sacramento State foreign language requirement.

The physical education concentration is designed mainly to prepare students for a teaching career in physical education. The student who completes the program in physical education will have the breadth and depth of knowledge regarding developmentally appropriate physical education. Students will understand the aesthetics of movement and human performance and the meaningfulness of physical activity in lifelong learning. Additionally, the student will gain knowledge of the historical and philosophical factors that relate to performance, fitness, and wellness.

There are two options within the concentration that are available to all students. First, the Blended Credential option provides students with the course work for both subject matter content and pedagogy for teaching physical education at the K-12 level. Students who choose this option will graduate with the course work necessary for a Single Subject Physical Education California Teaching Credential, except for the student teaching requirement and seminars. Second, the General Physical Education option meets the standards for subject matter preparation and will allow students to pursue the Physical Education Teaching Credential at other institutions or alternative careers.

Note: Due to policy changes from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the Federal No Child Left Behind mandate, the Physical Education Concentration periodically is reviewed and changed to meet current state and federal standards. Consult a Physical Education Concentration Advisor for details and course requirements once they are available; please see

Please see the University Catalog for the most up to date cirriculum requirements for this program.

For information on transferring course credits from a California public community college or university, visit

Students must complete 17 units of required credential units. During the semester that a student registers for the completion of 40 major units (2nd semester junior year) he/she must apply for admission to the Physical Education Blended Credential Option. After submission of the application the student will be able to register for credential classes with the prefix EDTE. Last date to submit application is: fall semester, the first Tuesday in October; spring semester, the first Tuesday in March.

Note: Students must achieve a 3.0 GPA in Blended Credential Option classes.

Students who choose this option will be exempt from the following GE Area requirements and the 9-unit GE upper division requirement upon completion of the major courses listed below.

Area B5 (3 units) -- KINS 152 Physiology of Exercise
Area D2 (3 units) -- KINS 137 Sociology of Sport
Area E (3 units) -- KINS 160 Sport and Exercise Psychology