Senate Committee on Instructional Program Priorities: Evidence


The following evidence is provided to the Senate Committee on Instructional Program Priorities as referenced in the documents submitted:

Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

                Content Outline

                Practice Analysis

Evidence Based Practice Assignment – PT 244 - Neurological Evaluation & Treatment II

Evidence Based Practice Assignment --  PT225 - Musculoskeletal

Patient Simulator Scenario – Mr. Jones Chart Information

Cultural Assignment – PT 208 - PT/Patient/Professional Interactions 

Examples of SacCT Content Pages

PT 202 – Pathokinesiology - Example 1

PT 202 – Pathokinesiology - Example 2

            PT 202 – Pathokinesiology - Example 3

                  PT 208 - PT/Patient/Professional Interactions

                  PT 224 - Neurological Evaluation & Treatment I

                  PT 225 - Musculoskeletal Evaluation & Treatment I

                  PT 262 - Differential Diagnosis in Physical Therapy

                  PT 266 - Special Topics in Physical Therapy II

Assessment materials previously submitted with the IPP document

                Affective Grading Rubric

                Generic Abilities

                Practical Examination Grading Rubric (PT224)

                Ethics Paper Grading Rubric (PT208)


                Physical Therapy Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI)

                Clinical Courses Assessment Outcomes

Examples of Faculty/Student Publications

CAPTE accreditation continuation notice