Clinical faculty refers to all Clinical Instructors (CI), as well as Center Coordinators of Clinical Education (CCCE). The CI is a physical therapist with at least one year of clinical experience who has volunteered to mentor and assess a physical therapy student or intern. The CCCE is responsible for coordinating assignments and activities of students at the clinical site.

Resources for Clinical Faculty. Rights and responsibilities of Clinical Faculty can be seen by clicking hereA Reference Manual for CCCEs is also available. Information about upcoming Certified Clinical Instructor Program 2-day course can be found at

Effective Jan 2013: If you wish to receive Continuing Competency Credits for your work serving as a Clinical Instructor, you will need to have taken the 2-day APTA Clinical Instructor Certification Course.  You can see course offerings  by going to the Northern California Clinical Education Constortium webpage.  This resource has information on clinical training, student management, and other helpful resources!

Recognition of Our 2016 Clinical Instructors of Excellence

The following Physical Therapist Clinical Instructor(s) were nominated by the graduating students for recognition as an excellent CI for the year 2016 (Names in bold were also nominated in 2015:

Capt. Danielle Anderson, David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB

Elaina Blankenship, Easter Seals, Sacramento

Erin Bartucco, Easter Seals, Sacramento

Rachel Hammond, UC Davis Medical Center - Sacramento

Sean Sumner, UC Davis Medical Center - Sacramento

Amanda Elmasian, Asian Community Services - Sacramento

Anastasia Shrank, Kindred Canyonwood - Redding

Bob Thompson, Sutter North PT – Yuba City

Theresa Hastings, Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Collen Russell, San Luis Physical Therapy & Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Bonnie Jenkins-Close, Sutter Rehab Institute - Roseville

Darren Johnson, Saint Joseph’s – Stockton

Risa MacDonald, East Sacramento Physical Therapy

Illona Pogany, UC Davis Medical Center - Sacramento

Mat Moore, Physical Edge - Davis

Tien Kawada, Mercy General Hospital - Sacramento

Carly Nagel Raszewski, Naval Medical Center, San Diego

Barbara Edmison, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Debbie Wessel, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Christina Ruby, Children’s Therapy TEAM - Arkansas

Congratulations to ALL!

An excellent Clinical Instructor is one who:

  1. Models in their practice integration of the ICF concepts and terminology and the patient management model as described in the Guide to PT Practice.
  2. Supportively mentors the student by reinforcing student strengths and offering constructive and timely feedback to the student in integrating academic and clinical experiences.
  3. Skillfully uses the clinical environment to set up appropriate learning experiences and clearly communicates all aspects of clinical education to the student, the CCCE and the DCE/ACCE.
  4. Accurately rates the student on the assessment tool (Web CPI) with supporting documentation, integrating a fair assessment of supervision needs, patient caseload capacity and quality of student performance.
  5. Models ethical and legal practice, and excellent relations with patients, family caregivers and healthcare providers.