Acceptable course substitutes from other colleges and universities (For 2012)


GRE Reporting Codes:

  • School Code: 4671
    Dept. Code: 7588


Three (3) applications are REQUIRED to apply for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program for Fall 2012 Enrollment Consideration


Listed below are the required twelve (12) prerequisites needed to apply for Fall 2012 enrollment consideration.  We require that the courses you have taken for Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology be preapproved by our admissions committee in order for you to apply.  Click on the prerequisite hyperlinks to review courses from other colleges and universities already approved by the Admissions Committee. If an anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology or kinesiology course you wish to use is not listed, it has not yet been approved as a prerequisite. For each Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology course you wish to use that is not listed, complete a Request for Substitution of Prerequisite Course Form by 11/30/11.  SUBMISSION OF REQUEST FORMS FOR THE 2012 ADMISSIONS CYCLE IS NOW PAST THE DEADLINE. If the request is approved, the course will be added to the acceptable substitute list and be available on the online application drop-down list.

The Psychology, Statistics, Public Speaking, Chemistry and Physics courses do not require pre-approval by our admissions committee. If however, the course that you are substituting has a department and/or course title that does not correlate to the prerequisite topic, or have a similar unit value, and is not cross referenced on, then a Request for Substitution of Prerequisite Course form should be submitted by November 30, 2011. SUBMISSION OF REQUEST FORMS FOR THE 2012 ADMISSIONS CYCLE IS NOW PAST THE DEADLINE. Courses that have been successfully used by applicants in the past are listed on the links for your reference, and will be fine to use in your application.

Prerequisite courses must have been completed at an accredited college or university with a minimum grade of “C” or better. Course grades below a “C” (including a “C-“) will not be accepted. For the four courses that require it (those marked with an * in the grid below), Request for Substitution of Prerequisite Course forms must be submitted by mail to the Physical Therapy Department prior to the submission of your application and no later than November 30, 2011.

NOTE: Three (3) quarters of coursework equals two (2) semesters of coursework for the chemistry and physics prerequisites. 

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Additional search resources: CSUS CatalogCalifornia Articulation Number System and to find equivalencies at California community colleges.

DPT Prerequisite Course Worksheet will be available soon

DPT Prerequisite Course Descriptions

Prerequisite Courses Required
to apply for Fall 2012 
enrollment consideration 
Semester Units
Human Anatomy with Lab*    
Introductory Human Anatomy or BIO 22 or    4.0
Human Anatomy and Physiology I and BIO 25 and 4.0
Human Anatomy and Physiology II or BIO 26 or    4.0
Advanced Human Anatomy BIO 122 4.0
Human Physiology with Lab*    
Systemic Physiology or BIO 131 or    4.0
Human Anatomy and Physiology I and BIO 25 and    4.0
Human Anatomy and Physiology II BIO 26 4.0
Introductory Psychology: Basic Processes or PSYC 1 , 2 or 3.0
Introductory Psychology: Individual and Social Processes PSYC 5 3.0
NOTE: Effective Fall 2010, PSYC 2 will replace PSYC 1 and PSYC 5. PSYC 2 will be offered at CSUS beginning Spring 2010.    
One (1) additional Psychology course for example:    
Child Psychology or PSYC 148 or   3.0
Psych Aspects of Aging or PSYC 150 or    3.0
Psych Aspects of Death & Dying or PSYC 151 or   3.0
Abnormal Psychology PSYC 168 3.0
Introduction to Statistics or STAT 1 or    3.0
Statistics and Research for Social Workers STAT 50 4.0
Public Speaking    
Introduction to Public Speaking   COMS 4 3.0
Chemistry I with Lab      
General Chemistry I or CHEM 1A or   5.0
Introduction to General Chemistry CHEM 6A 5.0
Chemistry II with Lab      
General Chemistry II or CHEM 1B or   5.0
Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry CHEM 6B 5.0
Physics I with Lab      
General Physics: Mechanics, Heat, Sound   PHYS 5A 4.0
Physics II with Lab      
General Physics: Light, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics    PHYS 5B 4.0
Kinesiology with Lab*    
Kinesiology or KINS 151 or   3.0
Biomechanics KINS 151A 3.0
Physiology of Exercise with Lab*    
Physiology of Exercise    KINS 152 3.0

*** Anatomy and Physiology must have been completed after 2004; and Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology must have been completed after 2007.
Applicants with Foreign Documents: Domestic applicants applying with transcripts from outside the U.S. must complete  8 units of the prerequisite course work listed in the DPT Supplemental Application by the deadline and have references from two (2) U.S. or Canadian licensed physical therapists. Domestic applicants with foreign transcripts must submit their transcripts by November 2, 2012 to the Office of Graduate Studies to allow verification time.

Prerequisite Course REPEAT POLICY: 

Grades from any and all courses taken to fulfill each prerequisite will be considered in calculating your GPA.

  • If two (2) courses were taken, only the higher course grade will be used.

  • If three (3) courses were taken, the grades from each will be averaged.

  • If four (4) courses were taken to complete one required prerequisite, then the applicant will be disqualified.

A course is considered a “repeat” even if it is taken at a different university, or has a different course number from the same university. Advanced Academic Courses
If you have completed any of the following courses by January 16, 2012, extra admissions points will be given if course grade earned is a "C" or better.

Recommended (but not required)
prerequisite courses  
Semester Units
Advanced Human Anatomy with Lab BIO 122 4.0
Neuroanatomy with Lab BIO 123 3.0
Neurophysiology with Lab BIO 132 3.0

PT Program Essential Functions and Technical Standards

All application materials are reviewed by the Admissions Committee to rank applicants. Points are assigned for the prerequisite coursework GPA, recommendation forms from two (2) U.S. or Canadian licensed physical therapists and one (1) college level professor, the GRE writing (analytic) score and additional background criteria. The 60-80 highest ranked applicants will be invited for a panel interview. The top thirty-two (32) applicants, along with alternates, will be notified of their status within two weeks of the final interviews.