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Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration Part-Time Lecturers

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Name Office Email
Mr. Sal Arrigo, M.S. SLN 4013
Mr. Token Barnthouse, M.S. SLN 5010
Mrs. Catharine Bening Stadler, M.S. SLN 4009
Mr. Jason Blessinger, M.Ed. SLN 4013
Mrs. Scarlet Boggs, M.S. SLN 5010
Dr. John Cusick Online
Ms. Lindsey Dao, CTRS SLN 4030
Mr. Jason De Wall, M.S. SLN 4007
Dr. Garrett Duncan SLN 4046
Mr. Adam Elfstrand SLN 5010
Mr. Cole Forstedt, M.S. SLN 4030
Mr. Guy Galante SLN 4007
Ms. Alivia Gok, CTRS SLN 5010
Ms. Cara Hoyt, M.S. SLN 4028
Mrs. Arlene Krause, M.S., CTRS SLN 4020
Mrs. Bina Lefkovitz, M.S. SLN 4030
Mr. Tad Mackey, M.S., RTC SLN 4005
Mr. Hunter Merritt, M.S. SLN 4013
Mr. Troy Nichols, M.S. SLN 4007
Ms. Rebecca Niles, M.S. SLN 4005
Mr. Andre Pichly, M.S., CPRP SLN 4009
Mr. Andrew Reddish, M.S. SLN 4009
Mr. William Reliford, Jr., M.S. SLN 4003
Mr. Chris Shannon, M.S. SLN 4003
Mr. Mark Slaughter, J. D. SLN 4003
Mr. Mark Spring, J.D. SLN 4005
Ms. Mandy Taylor, MSW SLN 5010
Mr. Richard Valdez, M.A. SLN 4009
Mrs. Terri Webster Schrandt, M.S. SLN 4005
Ms. Jenn Wilson-Marchino, CTRS, RTC SLN 5010
Mrs. Jael Young, M.S. Peak Adventures
Mrs. Meredith Zanardi, M.S. Peak Adventures