Grad Course Outline and Registering for Grad Courses

In general, there are three graduate level courses offered each semester, one from each of the three campuses. 

Other Considerations (please consult the graduate coordinator):

  • Graduate students are permitted to count a limited number of upper division undergraduate courses towards their degree. 
  • There may be graduate courses offered at Sacramento State in-person that count towards graduate elective courses in the program. 
  • Part-time students may limit the number of courses per semester.
  • For the culminating experience, students can choose from a thesis (500A), master's project (500B), or comprehensive examination (500C).

IMPORTANT: To register for graduate courses, students must use the special Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Form for the NorCal Grad Collaborative. This is extremely important, otherwise your financial aid will not cover the courses taught through SFSU and CSU, Chico. 

Fall 2017
(SFSU) RPT 700: Orientation and Professional Development RPTA 200
(Chico) RHPM 642: Seminar in Leisure Service Management RPTA 203
(Chico) RHPM 645: Seminar in Leadership RPTA Grad Elective
Spring 2018
(SFSU) RPT 810: Research Methods in Recreation and Leisure RPTA 204
(Chico) RHPM 611: Theory of Leisure and Recreation RPTA 201
(Sac State) RPTA 202: Policies, Issues and Problems in Rec, Parks and Tourism N/A