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Park and Recreation Resource Management is one of four emphasis areas in RPTA - as a minor, courses in this concentration goes nicely with a degree in Environmental Studies

Add/Drop Courses

Bachelor's Degree Application

We are pleased to announce that the Undergraduate Petition to Graduate is now available (ONLY) online! 

The link can be located within your Student Center.  Once you apply and pay the associated fee, the petition is sent to your advisor for approval.  This process is new to everyone in this department--students and faculty alike--so please be patient in reference to your petition's processing timeline. 

  • *Please note that the title of your degree is Recreation Administration
  • *You are receiving a Bachelor of Science
  • *Your concentration is Recreation and Park Management OR Recreation Therapy

Internship-Related Forms and Manuals

You may type directly on these forms: (If PDF doesn't open in current browser try a different one, or you may see a note above the PDF that says "open with different viewer". Click that and choose Adobe Acrobat)

  • *To sign up for an internship, students will need Forms A, B, C and D completed.  Use appropriate concentration form!
  • *During the internship, students will use Forms E, F, G, H and I. Use appropriate concentration form!
  • *RT students no longer have the separate TRIGS Manual - all RT information can be found in the RT Internship Manual.
  • *Please note that due to faculty workload, your internship advisor will most likely not be the same person as your academic advisor. Also note that during the internship, it may be necessary to change your internship advisor.

Master's Degree Applications and Forms

Please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website for appropriate information.  Link to Office of Graduate Studies forms page

After Advancement to Candicacy has been approved by the Office of Graduate Studies, you may register for your thesis/project/comprehensive exam.  The following forms may be filled out online and submitted to the department office for enrollment.

Portfolio Competency Requirement Forms

Independent Study Forms

(Please use this form with any of the courses below - you must talk to your advisor before signing up for any of these courses)

Student Code of Conduct
All students are required to read and sign the Code of Conduct for the Department.
Please go to the University's Student Conduct website for more information at

New Student Questionnaire
If you are a new student (transfer or change of major), please complete the questionnaire and submit it with the Student Code of Conduct form.

Undergraduate Requirements Checklist/Advising Form

RPM Concentration Catalog Requirements  
RT Concentration Catalog Requirements

Undergraduate Manual and Related Forms 

Graduate Related Forms

Other Forms 

*Please note that all students, including therapeutic recreation students, should download their respective (RPM or RT) Internship Manual.

*For other campus forms (transcripts, residence, re-entry, updating student information, etc.), please visit the Official Forms page of the university website.