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Park and Recreation Resource Management is one of four emphasis areas in RPTA

All students that have completed paperwork to declare RPTA as their major or minor will be assigned a Faculty Advisor. Your advisor will be listed on your MySacState Student Center.  Clicking on their name will link you to their e-mail address. (Visit the RPTA Main Office in 4000 Solano Hall to complete paperwork if you have not already done so.)

Recreation and Park Management Concentration

This concentration includes students in the Commercial, Community and Park and Recreation Resource Management areas. Your faculty advisor will be one of the full-time faculty that teaches core and/or elective courses in Recreation and Park Management.

Recreation Therapy Concentration

Students in this concentration will most often be assigned to Dr. Jamie Hoffman for advising. 

RPTA Minors

All RPTA Minors should contact the department minor advisor, Dr. Greg Shaw.

Internship Advisors

Your internship advisor will most likely not be the same person as your faculty advisor. Your internship advisor may also change during the semester, however the internship syllabus and assignments are standard for all internships.