Speech Language Pathology Assistant Program- Summer 2013

General Information

The Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) will be offering its 6-week Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) Program again this summer (2013), from June 17, 2013 through July 25, 2013.  The instructor assigned to this course will be Dr. Robert Kraemer.

The SLPA Program is comprised of two 3-unit courses. Together these courses are designed to meet the State of California’s registration and licensing requirements for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Code of Ethics.   

1) SPHP 140 Clinical Methods Course (educational portion), Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 2:00-4:30 pm on the CSUS campus. 

2) SPHP 140L Clinical Practicum (clinical portion).  Times and Dates will be arranged and will occur at an on-site location, either in a public school or private clinic setting within the greater Sacramento area.  The SLPA student is expected to be at their assigned practicum site Monday through Friday in the mornings for approximately 4 hours per day (e.g., 8am-noon, 9am-1:00pm).  For public school placements, the start/end date of the clinical practicum is based on the length of the school district’s Extend School Year Program (summer, special educational program). The Clinical Practicum is anticipated to correspond with the 6-week Clinical Methods Course, however, may not.  Some Extended School Year (ESY) Programs run for a minimum of 4 weeks and start/end dates vary depending on the program. 

To meet California registration/licensing requirements, the SLPA student must obtain a minimum of 85 work hours at their practicum site; these hours are not inclusive of observation hours done during their undergraduate work.  Upon completing the SLPA program at CSUS, the goal is to provide the enrolled SLPA student with the following:

1)       To build knowledge, fieldwork experience, and core technical skills needed to practice within the field of Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

2)       To fulfill educational requirements for registration and licensing provisions in the State of California for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

3)       To train students for employment as Speech-Language Pathology Assistants by meeting the state of California registration requirements for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

4)       To promote and support professional standards of the individual to meet the requirements of the State of California and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Code of Ethics


All prospective students must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Speech Pathology no older than 5 years (May 2007) from California State University, Sacramento and meet university and department standards.

Prior to enrolling in the first course involving direct client contact (SPHP 140L) the student must meet or demonstrate the criteria listed below.  Items 1, 3, 4, and 5 must be maintained throughout the semester. 

1)       Pass the department's speech/language/hearing screening (generally completed in the junior year).

2)       Be physically capable of dealing with young children and physically disabled persons.

3)       Have and maintain sufficient emotional stability to work with difficult clients.

4)       All junior and senior level SPHP courses completed or their equivalents.

5)       Pass all medical requirements: TB (PPD) test, measles and rubella immunizations (or titer tests), begin the Hepatitis B immunization (within 2 weeks of beginning SPHP 140)

6)       Complete the department’s authorized background check. http://www.csus.edu/hhs/spa/new%20students/faq.html#background

7)       Signed Confidentiality Agreement (usually completed in SPHP 145).

Application Process

Admission to the program is a multi-step process:

  1. Submit application packet via email or mail to:

Angeles Van Vleet, MS CCC-SLP          
SLPA Clinical Coordinator
California State University, Sacramento;
6000 J St., Sacramento, CA 95819-6071

  • Applicants that have met the minimum requirements will be placed in a lottery.
  • Department will use a lottery method to select applicants to fill the available seats.
  • All applicants will be notified by David Gleason (via email) as to their selection status:
    • Denied-did not meet minimum criteria
    • Denied- not selected by lottery
    • Accepted-Cleared to register
  • A list of applicants approved for admission (“Accepted-Cleared to register”) will be sent to the College of Continuing Education.
  • Only applicants who are “Accepted-Cleared to register” may then contact the College of Continuing Education to register. CCE contact and registration information will be included in the status notification email.




Submit application packet

Beginning March 18th to 5 pm PST April 18, 2013

Lottery selection and email notification

April 29, 2013 (tentative target date)

CCE registration period for Summer 2013

Registration after department selection notification.

Clinical Practicum SHP 140L

Start and end dates will vary depending on internship assignment

SLPA class period SPHP 140 – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (2:00-4:30)

Begins on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 and ends Thursday, July 25, 2013
(No Class Thursday July 4, 2013)

Application Packet:

1)       Unofficial copy of transcript indicating bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology or Communicative Disorders.  (NOTE:  If the degree is to be completed in May, 2013, the student must submit a letter or email from a department major advisor stating that they are a student in good academic standing with the date (May 2013) the student will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology/Communicative Disorders.) 

2)      A copy of observation hours completed during their undergraduate program

3)      Contact information with a valid email address

4)      Required documentation for clinical practicum

  1. A negative TB test within 6 months from start of practicum
  2. Initiation/completion of the Hepatitis B vaccination series
  3. Participate in Background check with CSUS (see department website for details: http://www.csus.edu/hhs/spa/new%20students/faq.html#background 

For questions, please contact:

Angeles Van Vleet, MS CCC-SLP          
SLPA Clinical Coordinator
California State University, Sacramento;
6000 J St., Sacramento, CA 95819-6071

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