Title IV-E Stipend Program

Working to make families strong!

Title IV-E Stipend Program's main goal is to educate and train professionals who will be able to advocate effectively for the needs of minority and disadvantaged children and their families.

Title IV-E Stipend Program is a competency based program designed to prepare MSW students for a Social Work career in Public Child Welfare Services.

The program offers full time MSW students a monthly stipend and it offers part time students who are currently employed with CPS, to receive reimbursement support for tuition fees & books.

Title IV-E Information Slideshow (Powerpoint) 

California Child Welfare Curriculum Principles

  1. Every child has a right to a permanent home for his or her care and upbringing.
  2. A caring family is the best and least restrictive environment for raising children.
  3. A wide range of parenting practices, varying as a result of ethics, cultural, community, and familial differences, can provide adequate care for children
  4. The goal of child welfare is to promote the health and safety of children and their development toward a positive, productive adulthood.
  5. In the circumstances of danger to a child, the state has a right to intervene in family affairs to protect the child. In such circumstances, the safety of the child takes precedence over the rights of the parents.
  6. Every reasonable effort should be made to preserve and strengthen a child's existing family before an alternative placement is considered.
  7. Services must be available , accessible, timely, and effective.
California Child Welfare Curriculum Competencies Foundation Competencies (First Year)
  1. Ethnic Sensitive & Multicultural Practice
  2. Core Child Welfare Practices
  3. Human Behavior & the Social Environment
  4. Workplace Management
Advanced Competencies (Second Year)
  1. Culturally Competent
  2. Child Welfare Practice
  3. Advanced Child Welfare Practice
  4. Human Behavior & the Child Welfare Environment
  5. Child Welfare Policy, Planning, & Administration

Coursework Required

The Title IV-E MSW program is comprised of 60 units of coursework. MSW students in the full-time program take four courses per semester or eight courses per academic year. All courses must be completed with at least a 'B' grade.

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

First Year

SWRK 202 - Diverse Populations – 3 units

SWRK 204A – Practice – 3 units

SWRK 235A – HBSW – 3 units

SWRK 250 – Policy – 3 units

SWRK 295A - Field Instruction -3 units

SWRK 210 – Research – 3 units

SWRK 204B – Practice – 3 units

SWRK 235B – HBSW – 3 units

SWRK ### - Elective – 3 units

SWRK 295B - Field Instruction – 4 units

Second Year

SWRK 207A - Multi-Level Practice for Children & Families – 3 units

SWRK 297A - Field Instruction for Children & Families – 5 units

SWRK 213 – Public Child Welfare Practice – 3 units

SWRK### - Elective – 3 units

SWRK 500/501 - Thesis/Project - 2 units/2 units

SWRK 207B - Multi-Level Practice for Children & Families – 3 units

SWRK 297B - Field Instruction for Children & Families – 5 units

SWRK 253 - Advanced Policy for Children & Families – 3 units

SWRK 500/502 - Thesis/Project – 2 units/2 units

Total Units: 60

Please Note: Courses are to be followed in the order established by the Sacramento State, Division of Social Work. The above is NOT in sequential order.


For more information about the Title IV-E Stipend Program please
 contact Dr. Tracy Kent at kentt@csus.edu