North Central Information Center California State University, Sacramento  

The NCIC is in the process of developing a GIS which links locational and descriptive historical resources data via computer. GIS coverages for the Sacramento Valley area are under development. Several other Information Centers are also working on GIS projects. Each center's GIS conforms to data form and content standards, so users of any center's GIS should find a uniform presentation.

  • Creates a more flexible, accurate, and user friendly database
  • Makes management of the NCIC's database more efficient and cost-effective
  • Allows integration of NCIC's data with GIS data from other sources
  • Decreases data retrieval times
  • Allows for meaningful electronic communication

NCIC staff regularly assists Historical Resources Consultants undertaking research in California history and archaeology; we provide information to landowners, scholars, and the general public pertaining to archaeological and historical resources and legislation. Research and information services are provided on a fee-for-services basis to more than 150 federal, state, or local agencies, to private environmental, planning, engineering, and development firms. NCIC reviews hundreds of planning applications and environmental impact reports annually, along with records searches for federally funded projects.

  Preserving the past for the future.