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Syllabi for graduate courses (HIST 200-299)

Spring 2017

HIST 200. History and Theory

HIST 201. Interpreting World History

HIST 202. Interpreting U.S. History

HIST 203. Public History Principles and Techniques

HIST 209A. Research and Writing in US History

HIST 209B. Research and Writing in the History of the American West

HIST 209C. Research and Writing in World History

HIST 280A. Reading Seminar in African or Asian History

HIST 280B. Reading Seminar in Ancient or Medieval European History

HIST 280C. Reading Seminar in Modern European History

HIST 280Z. Reading Seminar: Topics in World History

HIST 281A. Reading Seminar in Colonial or Early US History

HIST 281B. Reading Seminar in Nineteenth Century US History

HIST 281C. Reading Seminar in Modern US History

HIST 281Z. Reading Seminar: Topics in United States History

HIST 282A. Research Seminar in Public History

HIST 282B. Archives and Manuscripts

HIST 282C. Oral History

HIST 282D. Museum Studies

HIST 282E. Historic Preservation

HIST 282F. History and Memory

HIST 282Z. Special Topics in Public History

HIST 400. The Teaching of History in College