Information for Faculty

Submitting Copy Work Orders

The history department will copy exams/quizzes. Syllabi are posted on the department website, and faculty should also do so on their own course websites. Handouts, and other materials should be placed on reserve in the library, compiled into a course pack that can be purchased by sutdents or placed on your website. Work requests for exams/quizzes should be emailed along with a filled-out Work Order Request Form to the administrative staff. Please be sure to include the document you want copied, the number of copies, and when you need it. Copy requests will be done back-to-back unless you specify otherwise on your copy work order instructions. Please allow at least two working days for reproduction of your materials. Completed work will be put in your mailbox or held in the department office if it will not fit into the mailbox. Faculty have the option to make their own exam/quiz copies using the department risograph machine when it is not in use by the department staff or student assistant. Please ask the department staff for assistance in operating the Risograph copier/collator.

Email work order requests to LoriAnn Rodriguez ( and CC Stacie Tillman (