The General Education Honors Program at California State University Sacramento is designed to support curiosity and the acquisition of knowledge in highly motivated students at Sacramento State. Specially selected faculty provide challenging and stimulating learning experiences in small class settings. Honors students experience individualized attention from dedicated professors, special seminars in their majors, extracurricular activities such as attending cultural events, and interaction with faculty members and their fellow Honors students in and out of class.

The guiding principles of Sac State Honors are active learning, global subject matter, study of primary texts, and an interdisciplinary orientation. Through careful coordination of the different classes of the Honors experience, the program will promote integrative learning and the application of insights acquired in one discipline to others. The program seeks to bring out students' potential so they can have a significant impact on society and the Sacramento Region after their graduation.

Sac State Honors students have access to a lounge, where they can relax and study, and to the program's central administrative office.

If you are a student with high educational goals and an interest in courses that appeal to the imagination and the intellect, the Sacramento State General Education Honors Program may be for you.

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For further information, please contact:
Sac State Honors Program Office
(916) 278-2804

Dr. Lee Simpson - Director, Honors Program

Rheena Munoz - ASC II, Honors and First Year Programs